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  1. "R18+ Scheduled To Kick In January 2013" Hoorah! Maybe now we will see less 11-year-olds swearing at us in @Battlefield http://t.co/ANiR5yao
  2. The music in doublefine's Stacking is AWESOME! #gameaudio
  3. Just finished my degree! Huge relief and excitement. Thanks to @cjervil and the rest of the staff at SAE. Great experience. #educated
  4. Finalising my last ever Uni assessment. #excitedisanunderstatement
  5. I just used #Shazam to discover Sir by Seekae. http://t.co/3F28nuXn
  6. I make so many spelling mistakes in twitter. I blame the iPhone keyboard
  7. Great resource thanks to everyone who posted!
  8. Too busy to get down to the Burleigh Breaka Pro... Priorities I guess... #disappoint