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  1. learner45

    Sound for my game

    Hi, Could someone please tell me a good resource (paid resource) to get sound for games? I already found that site, SoundMATTER. Does anyone knows any better sites than this one? Thank you.
  2. learner45

    Sound for my game

  3. learner45

    Java or C++?

    Even though Python is designed to be user friendly (which i still doubt), its syntax is very different than C++ or Java. Therefor i would suggest you to go on either C# or Java, then move on to C++. Both C# and Java are taking care of alot of programming aspect for you already, so you can skip things and keep learning, and when you feel ready, you can start learning C++ and learn all those "dark corners" as mhagain has mentioned. Good luck.
  4. Hi, Im having hard time understanding the concept of the reload animation. I found out how to make a reload animation for the 1st person hands by taking out the magazine with one hand, moving the hand behind the camera and moving it back in front of the camera and placing back the magazine. This give the illusion of a new magazine being placed. However, how can i do the same thing for a full character? If i use the same concept, anybody can see the player actually using the same magazine again... Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks from advance.
  5. learner45

    New for game world

    Hi, Im kinda new to the game coding world so i wanted to ask for directions and advices. I found alot of game engine but i still dont know which exactly i need. Im searching an engine with: 1. The engine source code (paid or free - i need this to secure the engine) 2. Easy to learn for begginer 3. A good amount of tutorials. Also, if someone could give me a website for game engine coding tutorial, paid or free, i will really appreciate. Thank you very much.
  6. learner45

    New for game world

    I just checked out http://www.design3.com. Its very good and i wish someone could tell me about similar sites. Thank you.
  7. Hello, Im kinda new to DirectX and i have a problem drawing my font. When i draw a red text, it shows it like that on the screen: Why is that? Could someone tell me what do i need to do to make it draw correctly? Thank you.
  8. learner45

    Font drawing problem

    Sorry, i thought it was a default issue of DirectX. Im using DirectX9. HDC hDC = GetDC( NULL ); int nLogPixelsY = GetDeviceCaps(hDC, LOGPIXELSY); ReleaseDC( NULL, hDC ); int nHeight = -10 * nLogPixelsY / 72; D3DXCreateSprite(pDevice, &g_pTextSprite); D3DXCreateFontA( pDevice, nHeight, 0, FW_BOLD, 1, FALSE, DEFAULT_CHARSET, OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS, DEFAULT_QUALITY, DEFAULT_PITCH | FF_DONTCARE, "Arial", &g_pFont ); DrawText("TEST test 1", 5, 5, 0xFFFF0000, true); void DrawText(LPCSTR text, int X, int Y, D3DCOLOR Color, bool bBold) { g_pTextSprite->Begin(NULL); RECT rcText7 = {X, Y, 0, 0}; g_pFont->DrawTextA(g_pTextSprite, text, -1, &rcText7, DT_NOCLIP, Color); g_pTextSprite->End(); }
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