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  1. Hello Everyone! Well I haven't posted on here in a while, but I am posting again, primarily to say that after a few months hiatus, the guys at Demergo are back together again and are working on a new project. Our aim for this project is small, simple, and completely cross-platform. Our goal is to have our game finished no later than mid-February. We are using the cocos2d-x engine with c++ (not the javascript side) and are also modifying the engine as we need and like to do. There are not any major modifications planned on the engine for our first game back, but we are definitely making a list of likes and don't likes about cocos2d-x. We also might be releasing everything as open-source, but we are not 100% sure yet. If it does happen, it will be after the game is released, rather than before. Oh, I also forgot to mention that the game is going to be completely free (no IAP's or Ads or etc...[insert annoying monetization strategies]). So, how to we plan on making money...well hopefully that will happen someday, but now its about stretching our abilities, learning new skills and techniques, and hopefully building some good reputation within the community! Also, on a side note, I just noticed that flipcode is no longer dead...but alive again. I never really visited the site when it was alive, but I have visited it many times since it's death, so I am excited to see another valuable game development resource resurrected again! (Gamedev.net is awesome too, but thankfully it never died!) Have fun everyone and enjoy making games! Todd (Update/Note/Hint to flipcode owner): After further investigation, while flipcode has some good articles and features...I am patiently awaiting the hopefully future existence of some form of reasonable search (or unreasonable search for that matter!) for flipcode and its archives.... (while a google custom search does work, it works rather painfully).
  2. Hey Litheon and cgpIce, Thanks for commenting, and I hope you both enjoy it. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment about it here or send me an email at tbluhm@demergostudios.com, and we would love to hear your feedback. Thanks for keeping up with us, and supporting us, I look forward to posting about our next project soon!
  3. [color=#333333]function.repair is now available on the App Store! For a limited time get it for 99 cents![/color] [color=#333333]Link to App Store:[/color]http://itunes.apple....21235?ls=1&mt=8 Function.repair is a fresh new 2D platform shooter with a unique, no-gravity movement style. You assume the role of Fixbot, one of the many fixbots, who awakens to find himself in the middle of a massive, broken down space ship. You don't know where you are; all you know is that you are programmed to repair the ship. However, repairing the ship will prove to be more difficult as you will run into various environmental hazards, hostile aliens, and mysterious saboteurs. Function.repair brings immersive gameplay to iOS. The unique gameplay elements allow each player to enjoy the game in his or her own way and at a desired rate. Function.repair was built by gamers, for gamers. Recommended Devices: iPad 2 & 3, iPhone 4 New Trailer: [media][/media]
  4. [color=#000000][font=sans-serif] Hey everyone! I hope you're as excited as we are, because tomorrow - June 20th - function.repair will be available for download! We'll also be putting up a new trailer showing some of the multiplayer! The game should be available by mid-day, but if you check the app store and can't find it, don't worry - just check back in an hour or two (or keep checking every two minutes, if you're really dedicated!). We'll also post the video on YouTube and Facebook when the game becomes available.[/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=sans-serif] Thanks for your patience and support. We hope you enjoy the game![/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=sans-serif] Repost from Demergo Blog[/font][/color]
  5. Hey everyone this is Todd, I just wanted to give a quick updated on the status of function.repair. If you haven't been following us on our facebook page, go do that now, because that is, and probably always will be the most up-to-date source for fucntion.repair and anything Demergo related. While we submitted the app to Apple, they took their sweet old time with testing our app, and they just got back to us tonight and it was rejected due to some technical issues. As I posted on facebook, it has been so long that when we resubmit to fix those issues, we will also be submitting our 1.1 patch too. So that means a much more stable and polished version for everyone, but at what cost... the cost was a missed deadline and a missed promise to our awesome fans. And we all, at Demergo, deeply apologize for that. We are still learning and we hope that you all bear with us as we go through these learning experiences. Having said that, we do have good news, we have begun pre-production on our next game! The artists are busy concepting away at all the cool new environments and characters and awesomeness that they do. I will keep you all posted on when function.repair hits the app store, and we plan on doing a post-mortem and posting it on here and game career guide as well. We are hoping for a video post-mortem so that you can all meet the awesome team behind function.repair, but we will have to see how much time we have. the Demergo Team sincerely thanks all of you for your patience and awesomeness!
  6. Hey everybody! This is Omni, artist at Demergo Studios, here to present our gameplay trailer! We've been hard at work over the past week putting things together in order to present you with footage that is truly representative of what you can expect when you play the game. Do keep in mind that the footage is of a game that is still currently in development, and the represented content is subject to improvements. So without further ado, enjoy the trailer! [media][/media]
  7. Hey cgplce thanks for the comment. Showing the bot position on the blue beam is actually something we argued over for a little while, but as you mentioned, we decided to go with it and it turned out really nice.
  8. Hey Gaiiden, Thanks for the feedback! That is something that a number of people have been telling us and I know that Omni and Phil have been working on improving the readability of it for the last few days. They are trying to increase readability while still retaining the cool design aspects of it, but that can be a difficult job.
  9. From the album function.repair

    Enemy concept drawings.

    © Demergo Studios 2012

  10. From the album function.repair

    Concepts for what the different tiles in the level will look like.

    © Demergo Studios 2012

  11. From the album function.repair

    Concepts for what in-game play will be like and how levels and the environment will look.

    © Demergo Studios 2012

  12. From the album function.repair

    Final render of the main character, Fixbot.

    © Demergo Studios 2012

  13. From the album function.repair

    Near final concept for the main character, Fixbot.

    © Demergo Studios 2012

  14. From the album function.repair

    Early concepts for the main character, Fixbot.

    © Demergo Studios 2012

  15. From the album function.repair

    Early concepts for the main character, Fixbot.

    © Demergo Studios 2012