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  1. ThatGuyinaBlackSuti

    Thing Thing 3D: Collectors Edition

    If the plot up till that point makes the sudden ability to customize the character, then yes.
  2. ThatGuyinaBlackSuti

    Design by comittee

    I am definitely interested in this. I have got a couple of ideas that I feel would never be heard without something like this
  3. ThatGuyinaBlackSuti

    Thing Thing 3D: Collectors Edition

    As a fan of all things Thing Thing, I would like to say that I love the Idea of a 3-D Thing Thing, and if you could make it work then it would be even cooler!
  4. ThatGuyinaBlackSuti

    Class design project - Work-In-Progress

    K, thanks.
  5. ThatGuyinaBlackSuti

    Class design project - Work-In-Progress

    I am sorry, but my computer won't let use anything that plays off of Unity, so could you let me no what your game is, please and thank you.
  6. ThatGuyinaBlackSuti

    Features for an Island Survival Game

    I hate absolute loneliness in games, but at the same time it is also kind of interesting to be alone in a sense. So, what if there where tribes of people on the island, one hostile and one that is helpful, but the player can not truly communicate with them due to a language barrier.
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