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  1. Vfor Vikram

    3DS Max/Unity help

    Usually particle systems are made as part of the game engine tool-set and not in an external editor. According to your teacher's method the most likely work-flow - Render the flame system as video clip or sequence of images in front view. Create a bill-board in your game engine and apply this animated texture(s) / video clip. Note: For the above method to work, the engine you are using should support video as particle materials. If it doesn't most probably it wont support GIF types either. So you need to have a timer for the billboard and keep cycling through the image set.
  2. Don't follow the path of a texture artist and you'll do fine I guess The thing with 3d modelling is - it has Ctrl + Z (undo operations) so you can always go back and fix things easily. Also, moving vertices and edges has nothin to do with "pencil" skills. Your 3d models will suck, if you can't get "proportions" right. Don't give up so soon
  3. Vfor Vikram

    circular gravity

    I think what you need to do it is "align" the object with the normal at the point on circumference of the planet. You need to map your object's rotation to normal's vector. If the planet is always a circle, normal will be just be the opp of gravitation vector at that point. One way to do this is to get angle between normal vector and the XY.. get the angle ans set this as rotation..
  4. Vfor Vikram

    Best Game Engine for destructible terrain?

    I feel using UDK's fracture tool is still your best option.. Unity doesn't support any fracture tools out of the box. Generally have a fixed terrain and all destructible objects on top of it.. cliffs and smaller terrains on top of main terrain that can be broken down...
  5. Vfor Vikram

    Design suggestions

    Thanks everyone.. I had never thought about destructible objects and knocking players off before.. Also, I found Hot Wheels postmortem here http://blogs.unity3d.com/2012/01/26/london-unity-usergroup-8/ which was also every useful, hope it helps someone...
  6. Vfor Vikram

    Design suggestions

    Hi, I'm a hobby game programmer. I recently made a small game and put it on Kong (to get feedback and see how players respond etc). The game is located here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/MakubexFox/teleport-rush It's 14 MB and made in Unity, so if you don't wanna wait on it you can check the screen shots on my blog http://8bitmemories.blogspot.in/2012/03/my-1st-game-on-kongregate.html I'm not a designer so I need help - 1. How do i fill the environment in racing games like in my case? It feels so blank and empty with just 1 sky-box. All i can think of is some buildings. 2. Are there any tips and tricks for making levels / tracks fun? All I could think of was like turns and jumps 3. I have put fence around the tracks so that player / AI don't fall off. Is this a good idea? I wanted floating tracks and hence this issue. Also, please feel to critique my game / design (other than sound) so that I can improve myself . Thanks
  7. Vfor Vikram

    Help a beginner

    Khyeas, I'm also a beginner.. you may think that Unity is easy and you may not learn programming skills.. but that is wrong. By learning Unity3D or UDK you'll improve your conceptual knowledge. Once you understand the concepts you can move over to XNA. You'll start to understand why and how things are done so and so. After you are comfortable with XNA you can drop one level lower to Dx 9 / 11
  8. Won't it be easier to have a black-list of namespaces like System.IO - find the references and just inform user "uknown class". U can also explore how Unity3D is doing..
  9. Vfor Vikram

    Tools Developer - Examples

    Thanks Spiro.. Took ur advice and applied.. fingers crossed
  10. Vfor Vikram

    Tools Developer - Examples

    Thanks frob
  11. Hi, Can someone please explain the exact meaning of "Tools" for Game development, or more precisely "Tools Developer". Is it like programming level editors and IDE? Also, things like "mesh deformation / fracture tool" provided by game engines like UDK / Unity3d - Are they part of "tools" development or "engine" development? I am a hobby game programmer and have been looking out to break into the industry. I have intermediate experience in c++ and I'm pretty good in C#. I don't want to go the QA route and hence thought applying as a tools developer would take me closer. My Reasons for this approach - All the small start-ups near my place are not really focused. For example, they do archi visualizations, click on baby mobile apps, etc. The more focused ones ask for experience and also "game programmer" salaries are like 50% - 70% less than other software domains. I thought I'll apply at some big studios as I have experience in C# and usually preferred for tools development I'm not a great algorithm guy. I'm just average. But I'm good in OOPs and designing applications, etc. I may not be cut out for "engine" programming
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