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  1. Stormynature

    What Do You Thing About This Base History?

    The very first thing you need to do is proofread and edit the above post. It is full of spelling mistakes and poorly constructed sentences to the point of incomprehensibility in places. Examples of this include: wrated = wrote misterious = mysterious clotes = clothes   Ah -- I have just discovered why. You are a native Spanish speaker writing in English, or at least that's what Google Translate implies when I looked up sugerences (suggestions).   As an example of how you might rewrite this:   Well... I will wrated a history base of a game project (With a so slow progress and without any guy helping me).   I am slowly writing the lore and story design of a game project by myself.   Its a game likes to the Dark Souls series (An Action RPG with some Hack n Slash sources) and im working in his history (and sure, in the LORE). His ambient as in our present but with an fiction things and so much weapon relics.   It's a game similar in play to that of Dark Souls, with its story and environment set in a modern world with additional fictional and weaponry elements added.   And this is:   In the town of {insert cool town name}, lives our protagonist: Chris, he is a guy with 6 months of marriage with his wife Melody, she has pregned on his 6 months.   Setting   The protagonist, Chris lives with his pregnant wife, Melody  in the peaceful town of Holdom. They have been married for six months and are looking forward to the birth of their child.   Everything is normal until the arrival of an a misterious mans with a black and yellow clotes, they atack the town and will stole the youngest people in the town, with this, Melody has stoled, because his child in her body, Chris knowing his town can´t have any future without the young people start to make a plan to report his to the national security center. But the misterious mans has forgotten a white artefact, causing Chris scratches with his thing, making contact with his blood, and after this, Chris be transported to a devasted city, and after an problems in this city, Chris meet a hunter of this city escaping constantly of a mans likes the invaders of his town.   Catalyst   The town is suddenly beset by the arrival of mysterious men clad in black and yellow, who attack the town and take away all the children and pregnant women, including Melody. Chris in seeking Melody finds a white artefact which comes into contact with Chris's blood (injuries from the attack) and transports him to an unknown, devastated city. Navigating his way through the hazards of the place, Chris comes across another person who is trying escape from one of the black and yellow clad invaders.     Now I have taken slight liberties with the story in this rewrite, but I hope you can see what I am attempting to demonstrate. Keep the sentences clear and focused. 
  2. Stormynature

    The Fallen World Survival Horror RPG

    Your kickstarter link is a bad link.
  3. Stormynature

    Does anyone have an opinion?

      So if I am to read this correctly:   You have moved into the board game forums where you have found a more receptive audience to your board games than here.   The posting of this thread really had no purpose or anticipated outcome for you? 
  4. Stormynature

    Cargo / goods in 17th century pirate game?

    From South America to Europe you might add: gold, gems, pearls, allspice, silk.   From Europe to South America you might add: Textiles, Books, Passengers (ransom opportunities).     Note - You put cocao in your list - I think you meant cocoa
  5. Stormynature

    Trying to remember a game name

    Sounds a lot like Sissyfight 2000.
  6. Stormynature

    Unreal Engine vs Unity Engine

    As much as it can seem that way at times, please take into account that the initial question:   You could simply answer I like X more than Y, but I much prefer the debates that grows over various features, weaknesses, strengths and yes "idiologies". I don't even mind that people reference their own experiences or beliefs in building their own engines, probably because one of the more common points made in the tech forums to new folks is: "Write games, not engines".   There is a wealth of solid engineering, as well coding talent in the tech side of site and it has been like that since Gamedev's inception. It might seem that familiarity breeds contempt or arrogance, but sometime simple professionalism can also seem that way.   Be that as it may however, Welcome to the community, :) 
  7. Stormynature

    Need game idea help

      I somehow feel we have entered the twilight zone where such things like this might happen.   __________________   @George1044 3d pong
  8. Stormynature

    Illusoria now on Steam Greenlight [Vote]

    Best of luck guys.
  9. On a completely distracting note though. Thank you Khawk and company for the work you are putting into the site. As much as there are always niggles with any change, it sometimes need to be said that you are still very much appreciated for the work you are doing.
  10. Stormynature

    Still seeing ads as GDNet+

    Am seeing "ads by amazon" advertisements inside the news stream articles -- beneath each article before the user comment section.   Since this new iteration.
  11. Stormynature

    Report Thread button missing

    @LennyLen.   Sadly not - that was the individual report that I referred to in my OP. In the previous iteration there used to be a large green button at the top of the thread that allowed you to report the thread as a whole.
  12. Stormynature

    Well-Known SciFi Writer Looking for Networking

      At this point, there is such a substantive disconnect between the OP and his replies and what responses there have been by other members of this site that it would appear this thread serves no purpose whatsoever.
  13. Stormynature

    Well-Known SciFi Writer Looking for Networking

      I guess all of this can really just be summed up in this interview which I am assuming is what he references to having been featured on Fox news.  
  14. As per title. I don't see an option to report a thread in this new format. I do see options to report individuals, but I consider this to have a different use at times from that of the ability to report a thread.
  15. Stormynature

    Well-Known SciFi Writer Looking for Networking

      Unfortunately this particular statement is more likely to have you disregarded out of hand than you might realise. "The idea guy" is a somewhat despised appellation. You mitigate it slightly by having written and published some books, but despite your earlier statement about being "well known", it doesn't really apply to the realm of scifi/fantasy publishing as your footprint there is somewhat minimal and unrecognised by others in that community.   Unfortunately this thread will probably get shut down in short order as it appears you are not necessarily addressing the concerns raised by L. Spiro or even acknowledging that your history when replying. I would suggest that you consider simply creating a thread in the Hobby projects Thread or writing up a classifieds ad as being in the lounge will probably not aid you in your quest for shifting into this industry.. 
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