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  1. Joshua Olson

    I thought OpenGL was widely supported...

    Thanks. Back to my carefree GLFW world...
  2. Joshua Olson

    I thought OpenGL was widely supported...

    Thanks for the specifics. Let me be more specific, then. I won't need shaders. I might not even need textures (although that'll be nice to have in the distant future). I just want to draw lines and a polygon, and rotate and translate the world. That's it. Those core things shouldn't be buggy, right?
  3. Joshua Olson

    I thought OpenGL was widely supported...

    Well, I'll be mostly developing on a one-year-old laptop with 6 gb of ram and an i3 dual-core, which supports OpenGL 2.1. Not sure if that's mid or low end. What I want to program is a simulation and editor, which will be extremely simple but should still have as high a limit on world size/complexity as possible. If OpenGL is really a limiting factor, it might be better for me to use PyGame than pure C/C++. How does Linux do 3D without OpenGL? I thought Linux was a great OS for coding that sort of stuff?
  4. Joshua Olson

    I thought OpenGL was widely supported...

    I just want people to be able to use my future program like any developer. So, simply put, the quote from PyGame's front page is flat out wrong?
  5. From PyGame's front page: "With many people having broken OpenGL setups, requiring OpenGL exclusively will cut into your user base significantly. Pygame uses either opengl, directx, windib, X11, linux frame buffer, and many other different backends... including an ASCII art backend! OpenGL is often broken on linux systems, and also on windows systems - which is why professional games use multiple backends." PyGame is often said to be a good choice for Python developers who want to support older hardware, but should I, as a newbie C++ game developer, be concerned that OpenGL isn't as widespread as I thought before reading this?
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