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    FADD vs FMUL time

      FDIV operation still be too slow compared to FADD-FMUL. That means FDIV requires too much transistors to approach to FADD-FMUL times?
  2. nimrodson

    FADD vs FMUL time

      Maybe: My interest lies on to know the hardware-algorithmics aspects behind the add and mul operations, regardless if those operations are performed in the FPU or not.
  3. Hi,   I've been some comparisons in C between the 4 basic arithmetic operations (+ , - , * , / ), and surprisingly (for me), add and multiply operations takes the same time: I did the work testes using int and doubles data types and it's the same thing. Analizing the dissamble code generated by gcc (-S parameter) I noted that the opcodes used are fadd and fmul. According wikipedia, x87 FPU in Athlon 64 employs the same time processing both opcodes. I'd like to know what is the reason of this curiosity.   Thanks.    
  4. Nothing is in my mind
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