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  1. Display jpeg on a form with SharpDX

  2. Display jpeg on a form with SharpDX

    I'm trying my best please help!
  3. Display jpeg on a form with SharpDX

    Preloading the images and storing them in memory as bitmaps wont be practical not only because there will be too many but also due to the way I want to be able to play back the time lapse.   What do I need to start drawing with D2D to a RenderControl, what do I need to instance?
  4. Display jpeg on a form with SharpDX

    Since nobody wants to offer some free help I will offer a £10 reward to whoever can help because I'm really stuck on this 1.
  5. Display jpeg on a form with SharpDX

    The answer to this question is the closest thing I could find: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25820817/how-to-display-a-bitmap-in-sharpdx   But how do I use it, what else is needed like device context etc, why is the method an override, how do I load an image on every frame and dispose it on the next?
  6. Display jpeg on a form with SharpDX

    I googled the hell out of this one but all I can find is incomplete and irrelevant bits and bobs that confuse the hell out of me.
  7. Display jpeg on a form with SharpDX

    If you know why I'm not getting any replies please tell me.
  8. Hi all, would anybody kindly show me how to use SharpDX to display a jpeg on a form with the least amount of code please? Its for my time lapse player program and I'm trying to improve performance over GDI+, I'm very good with C# and less so with C++ but DX is so confuzling.
  9. Display screen remotely

    Coming back to this thread theres a problem or 2 I still need sorted, the Capture method doesn't capture everything on screen for example when I hover over a program on the windows 7 taskbar the window list is not captured.
  10. Display screen remotely

    A slight correction to your drawcursor method: DrawIconEx(hDC, CursorPos.x-10, CursorPos.y-10, CursorInfo.hCursor, CursorWidth, CursorHeight, 0, NULL, DI_NORMAL);   The cursor "hotspot" is in the center of the cursor image not the top left so you have to compensate.
  11. Display screen remotely

    The image is flipped vertically but not horizontally?   Fixed it with lpbi->bmiHeader.biHeight=-h;
  12. Display screen remotely

    For the XOR process I copy the last frame buffer into a temporary buffer then copy the current frame to the last frame buffer and use the temporary buffer with the current for doing the XOR, but that requires 2 relatively slow array copies, can you think of a more efficient way of doing this?
  13. Display screen remotely

    Thanks I was just making sure because with my limited C++ experience the bitmap info thing made it look like a bitmap object was being created, but now I can see it looks like the raw image is being extracted from a bitmap.   Extra line added.
  14. Display screen remotely

    Just the pixels and nothing else?
  15. Display screen remotely

    Yipeee thats what I needed! The additional dependencies was blank so I set it to inherit from parent or project defaults.   Does it create a bitmap object or just the raw image in a byte array because I think the latter would be more efficient.