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  1. Noctiz

    New to game development

    Well I THINK I can program...Before college I have been 3 years in a programming course, the first year I learned the basics of C++, the last two years I learned to program Java, mostly programs using databases and so on, but in the last year after finishing the classes I was told to make a project, I decided to make a game using XNA, so I bought a book to learn C#, but yeah I can tell you I made the game (very incomplete) and didn't understand most of what I did, because I used a tutorial to make it...lot's of pressure but I did it. @BeerNutts thanks I'll do what you told me to, start by small projects (not a RPG, but like pong and platforms games maybe? ) @Serapth thanks for sharing that guide thanks a lot guys
  2. Noctiz

    New to game development

    I'm aware that RS is a MMORPG, I don't want you to take me in the wrong way, I'm not saying that you're being a douche or something I really understand what you are saying - if it needs a big team and many years to create this type of game, one only beginner will take his life to make it - this is my fault for not explaining well what I really want to do... Do you know Wollay? http://www.youtube.com/user/WollayFX He's making in his own a RPG inspired in Minecraft and Zelda, ok the map is random generated and he's not a beginner at all, and yes his not using Java but C++ and DirectX. Taking out the part of the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online).. My idea is to make a 2D RPG, where the player can create his own character, choose his skills and so on. The player would then "born" in a city based on the primary skill he chose and start his adventure. I'm not really alone for I've got many friends that are good artists, and they want to help me with the game.
  3. Noctiz

    New to game development

    U are lucky xDDD [/quote] Hah not really, I fount it before I went to this college that I'm in now taking computer engineering, and really wanted to go to that course of game dev. but I have to pay 386€ (507$) every month and that's why I didn't go.
  4. Noctiz

    New to game development

    There's lot of RPG's made by one guy, and they're better than Runescape...how come I can't do it? With work and dedication I'll do it and I know it'll take years. [/quote] Just make sure you do your research first, it really doesnt matter what your goals are but without any research you could see yourself doing nothing or doing things the wrong way, dont stick with one book either, as for the goal itself, I say go for it, even if you quit half way or the product fails you will have learnt a lot to make it worth it, that alone makes the goal real. Truth be told any project these days gets negative off putting remarks, doesnt matter if its a website or a simple parser you will get negative remarks. Saying all that, making anything is time consuming and the question really you have to ask yourself is "How much time can I dedicate to this?" Seriously though, if you can dedicate the time on any project it will get done oh and whatever your estimate duration is, times it by 2 [/quote] I understand that I'm really talking about 4/5 years, even more...after I finish college (I'm taking computer engineering course) I want to go to another college about game development that I fount here near my town.
  5. Noctiz

    New to game development

    There's lot of RPG's made by one guy, and they're better than Runescape...how come I can't do it? With work and dedication I'll do it and I know it'll take years.
  6. Noctiz

    New to game development

    @zer0wolf I really wanted to make something like Ultima Online, in case you don't know that game, maybe you know Runescape..it's something like that. I'm still undecided about if I want it online or not... @menyo Yes, my idea was that, start by creating very simple games, understanding the basic logic and what I can do with Java, so this book explains a lot of things, like threads (that I was unaware about) but I'm still in the beginning so... I'm not hoping that I'll make a game in about 1 month or so, I'm aware that this will take long time to learn and understand things more clearly, but it's this what I want to do, to develop games. Well thanks a lot for the help guys, I'll continue in this forum and sometime I'll post here my RPG
  7. Hello there, to start I must say that I'm not good at english (I'm portuguese), but I'll try my best to explain my problem: I already know something about java and wanted to start to develop a game (RPG) in java since the release of Minecraft. I bought this book "Developing Games in Java" by David Brackeen, I saw some good reviews about this book so I thought buying it, but I really want to know the opinion of someone who've already read it, if there's anyone. I want to develop a RPG, my question is: does Java has the potencial for that?
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