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    New to game development

    There's lot of RPG's made by one guy, and they're better than Runescape...how come I can't do it? With work and dedication I'll do it and I know it'll take years. [/quote] Well, you said you wanted to make a game like RS, and RS is a MMORPG, which is a HUGE game. Seeing as it takes years for a big team of professionals to make a MMORPG it will take a single beginner lots and lots of years. If you really want to do it you will probably be able to do it but since it will take so many years there is a high chance of you not completing it. I'm not trying to be a douche, just being realistic. EDIT: There is lots of different RPG's, maybe try making a text-based?
  2. NerdyGnome

    New to game development

    I dont want to rain on your parade or anything but you will not be able to make a game like Runescape. That's a MMORPG and takes years for big teams to develop You're better off with doing stuff like Pong, Pacman and maybe even a platformer when you're ready? Just increase the difficulty of the game after every finished project and you'll be fine
  3. NerdyGnome

    Java or C++?

    A lower pay would not be a really big problem unless it's a really significant amount. Programming games as a hobby on the side sounds good too, I dont really know what to do at the moment. But seing as I have a couple of years left I will probably figure something out
  4. NerdyGnome

    Java or C++?

    Thanks for all your help guys, I appreciate it. I think I will stick to Java for atleast a year or two and then start with C++. As for rip-off's questions: 1) I'm not great, but not bad either. I've fiddled around with Java for many years but it was some time ago I decided to focus on it. 2) I'm in first year of college, so I have atleast 3 years before I willl look for jobs. I was actually thinking of getting a job as a java programmer in the software industry after college. Maybe work there for a few years while doing some cool game projects on the side. After I've saved up some money and more experience from game making I'll try to look for a job in the game industry. How does that sound?
  5. NerdyGnome

    Java or C++?

    Hello, hopefully I wont get bashed too much for this question. I've been programming in Java for a while now and I started to get interested in programming games. I would love to get a job in the game industry and I've seen that C++ is pretty much the standard(?) there. So now to my question; Should I start learning C++ to make games or keep programming java? Worth to note: I've always wanted to be a java programmer or work in the game industry. Seeing as C++ is the standard language in the games industry my two interests kind of clash with each other. I also don't want any heated arguments where people bash each other for their choice of language. I just want to know if C++ really is the standard language in the game industry and if I should start programming in it if I want a job making games? Cheers
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