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  1.     Aardvajk Thanks I have not seen that page before. It is very helpful.
  2. Aressera and Aardvajk Thanks for your replies. They are most definitely very helpful contributions over what I have read so far. This stuff is a bit confusing because even when the author tries very hard to explain the useful bits, they always miss one crucial and sometimes most important issue. When I read about this stuff, they always show the MD shape just on the origin to demonstrate the point but they never showed how that shaped really moved to the origin if you will. So I really thank you for adding on top of what I read so far.
  3. Hi I have been reading about MD and all articles refer about the origin and distance to origin. And they generally state that if there is a collision the origin will be inside the MD space. Now I am not getting it How come the origin can be in the new shape if they are tiny objects and their merged or diffed shapes can contain origin? I realize there is an explanation to it but so far the articles I read were very implicit about the relationship between these shapes and the idea of origin when doing collision detection.   I even watch the video from https://mollyrocket.com/855.mp4 which was the best explanation but I still do not get the origin connection properly if the given shapes are small or other shapes and the merged shape is not even big enough.
  4. blurmonk

    An idea for rendering geometry

    I think that that is what Reyes renderer do in general. Micropolygon tesselation basicaly? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reyes_rendering
  5. blurmonk

    Has anyone used Ecere?

    Hey guys Thanks for the healthy discussion, very informative!
  6. I have used CB for a while. Then I have tried Eclipse(CDT) and I am extremely happy with Eclipse code sensing featuress so far. It is much more bloated but if you need to scramble through complex libraries and headers with macros, Eclipse is much better than CB. Eclipse can expand C macros in place as well. Which is really really helpful with C. On the other hand CB is great for smaller projects in my view. I liked that I can just open a single .c file and write and compile with CB. In Eclipse one needs to create a project for it which is overkill. CB also provides nice project wizards, with Eclipse choices are limited. For example CB Opengl project works out of the box, in Eclipse the setup is not such straight forward as far as I can tell.
  7. blurmonk

    Has anyone used Ecere?

    Swiftcoder, thanks for the reply. I did not know that they bared some shallow reputation in that way. On the otherhand writing software is not easy, I am sure they spent alot of time on it. I was just looking for an easier way to do graphics programming. I generally write plugins or scripts for other 3d apps through their Sdks, using C and Python. I am just looking for a familiar programming environment(C like) where graphics is more integrated, I mean that the language features more native feeling graphics library integration if you will, rather than some convoluted imports - includes - initializations and name space stuff, like the way it gets in Python sometimes. I also would like it to be cross platform since I am either on Linux or Windows. Btw I remembered that I read your blog the other day about the isosurfaces, what a coincidence. Thanks for the links in your blog entry, they were helpful.
  8. Hi I am trying to find alternative tools and SDKs that can be easier to use when programming graphics. So I ended up finding this language implementation called Ecere? It sounds like it has enough libraries and it implements well know standards. I am wondering if anyone else has used it successfully in building small apps-projects? http://www.ecere.com/ thanks b
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