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  1. NewBreed117

    Viability of Java For Video Games

    Thank you for all the responses I am starting to get a good picture of what I am looking at :) Thanks again everyone!
  2. Is Java viable for graphic intensive video games. More specifically could I recreate a game like Halo or Call of Duty where you need to have quick input and output? Thanks in advance to your answers
  3. NewBreed117

    GDnet Birthday Thread

  4. NewBreed117

    The Power of Open Source Game Development

    Congrats! Its great to hear about your success!
  5. NewBreed117

    What exactly is a Game Engine?

    Thank you to everyone who responded All of your answers are really great thanks again
  6. Ok yes this is a stupid question and have read similiar questions but for some reason the answers they got just havent made sense to me. So if someone would like to help me out I just have this one simple question: What is a Game Engine? Please be precise and explain exactly what it is. Thanks in advance!
  7. NewBreed117

    Need books for C++, Python and C#

    Thanks for the help guys
  8. Hey I am looking for: Up to date books on C++, Python and C#. I have been looking on Google but haven't found one i quite like so if you could please post some great books or manuals or whatever then that would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  9. NewBreed117

    Financial Aid Suggestions

    OK, so this is probably stupid question, but I am learning to program...slowly but surly. My question is: What job is a good job to get to sustain me while I learn to program. I just need to know you might think would be great financial aid, while im learning to program ( so that I can make a video game). Thank you in advance for your comments!
  10. NewBreed117

    Just Starting Out!

    I am just starting out. I want to make video games for a career and hopefully start my own gaming company. I have a few questions to ask: Is it smart to first make an app or software before i start on a game, or should i just start into game programing. Also if you would like to point me in the right direction, please name a few programming software to create games and apps/software. Thank you in advance!
  11. NewBreed117

    Health Care Passed. But I don't like where it's going....

    What does this have to do with video games? haha but ya its rediculuse and retarded.
  12. NewBreed117

    Mass Effect 3 Ending

    I am going to put my thoughts into it, after looking at all the endings and what not i believe that it is the "Indoctrination Theory". Shephard has had a lot of contact with the Reapers, there has to be some sort of indoctrination happening to him. I believe there will be a fourth game (or DLC but i doubt the DLC part) where you will play as a completely new person where you find out that the ending of ME3 was a lie, to try and convert Shephard into accepting the Reapers (ex: synthesis and control options) the right choice was to destory them, to completly reject them. I have my reasons for all of this so if someone wants me to explain them just ask.
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