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  1. Platformer Engine

    Thank you so much everyone! It's great to see such an amazing community, something really hard to find these days! I'm going to take a look into C# and hopefully that will allow me to create better games, understand programming better and give me a wider range of game engines! Hopefully I can come back soon and say 'Hey everyone! Look what I made!'
  2. Platformer Engine

    Thank you BeerNutts i'll be sure to look into that series of programs as an option. Menyo, I am very much interested in learning a language but at this moment I can just about grip VB without bringing in something else. In saying that I am going to learn C++, just not right now; so I agree with you. I originally used GameMaker for the prototype of the game and I loved using it, unfortunately it didn't do quite what I needed it to do. Either way, i'll give the programs a go BeerNutts and thanks for everyones help!
  3. Platformer Engine

    Yeah, I guessed that i'd probably have to end up going over to C++. I guess it's worth the time Unity and Unreal are the two engines i've looked at, but that's all 3D work; so i'll use that when I want to make a 3D game. Does anyone know of any 2D platformer engines? Preferably ones with good slope tolerance code etc. I would be willing to learn C++ for it, but all up it's not a complicated game idea.
  4. Platformer Engine

    Hey there! I've been doing some programming for a while, mainly i've learnt through myself and i've even gone as far as to make a few low level games and a couple text based games. I have an idea for a 2D side-scrolling platforming game. I'm looking for an Engine to create it, preferably in VisualBasic language as that's the one I know best. Can anyone help me out?