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  1.   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.galiksoft.bangbangfree   bang! bang! - Remake of the old cannons game now for Android (free version)   bang! bang! was an artillery game for Windows 3.1, 1990 made by David B. Lutton II.   Forget the modern ways of shooting like the slingshots in Angry Birds. This is the father of all shooting games!   "Bang! Bang! is a simple artillery game. The landscape is randomly generated and usually, but not always, creates a hill between the two opponents. You define angle and velocity of your shot, wind speed is displayed and taken into calculation. Bang! Bang! has none of the fancy add-ons Ballerburg sports, it is pure ballistics, and it's either hit or miss: the first successful shot will destroy your opponent's cannon and end the game." (source: http://members.chello.at/theodor.lauppert/games/bangbang.htm)   3 game modes: - practice: you play alone, trying to hit the opposite cannon - vs human: 2 human players (at the same phone/tablet) - vs cpu: play against your phone/tablet   You can select your side: green/red   Lots of fun It's definitely a must-have app.
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