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  1. Indie games are mine, I now own The Halloween Bundle via @indieroyale
  2. Sharing my game for testing.

    Depending on what type of sound that you want to replace, you could maybe check out [url=""]Freesound[/url] for some Creative Commons audio assets.
  3. I earned 180 points for my workout on #Fitocracy! Check out my profile and become more awesome with me!
  4. Artist Release Form

    Thanks, the work as been delivered but I`m going to look into a licensing agreeement, which might be a good solution.
  5. Artist Release Form

    I was wondering, should an indie developer, ask an artist he hired to sign a release form, on the delivery of character reference sheets for one of his demos? If yes, is there any standard recommended legal forms available?
  6. I have to dust off my theremin tonight and get back to playing ^_^!
  7. That was my birthday gift this year ^_^ #chiptune #pedal #8bit
  8. March 27 - Roundtable Discussion Night: Next-Gen, Communities, Cross-Platform, Monetization
  9. The Big List of Video Game Documentaries, great source of info for game developers. #gamedev
  10. Just finished watching Get Lamp, very good documentary about the history of text adventure games. #IF #gamedev
  11. I want to make a Text Adventure game, fuck 3D let's go type!
  12. I want to make a Text Adventure game, fuck 3D let's go type!
  13. Just finished reading A Theory of Fun For Game Design...not my favourite GD book by far...:( . #gamedev