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  1. Hi! It looks like you are passing the size of vertex instead of index size. Maybe better would be: sizeof(WORD)*m_IndxNum Maybe DirectX would write some informations to console in debug mode.
  2. Maybe the BMFont: http://www.angelcode.com/products/bmfont/ I render texts using this free tool. It creates textures.
  3. DirectX install function error

    You would ask the question in https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/ Experts directly from Microsoft are contributing there.
  4. DirectX install function error

    OK, maybe DirectXSetupGetEULAW instead of DirectXSetupGetEULAA. I guess, that DirectXSetupGetEULAA is ANSI, not UNICODE, it could be another reason. (.NET is rather UNICODE layer). Here, I am not sure...
  5. DirectX install function error

    Hi! The last parameter is 16bit unsigned short, it is rather: UShort than Integer
  6. The WS_EX_LAYERED style is incompatible with DirectX processing (or was a few years ago).
  7. Maybe you could use such boolean expression: if (x % 2 == y % 2)
  8. Hi!   One idea. Do you render transparent models after others? The order is important in a typical scenario,   Happy Christmas
  9. Nasza aplikacja Wirtualnej Kolorowanki sk?ada si? z 12 wariantów wersji 1.0.
  10. Dzi? premierowa ods?ona produktu: https://t.co/8u3eJhh7CQ Jest to kolorowanka dla dzieci o wieku 3+. Aplikacja jest przeznacz. dla Windows.
  11. Przechodz? z DirectX na UE4. Ucierpi perfekcyjnie stosowane API. Mo?e b?dzie ?atwiej skoncentrowa? si? na tre?ci :)
  12. Có?, bior? si? za OpenGL, sk?pa? si? biedak po szyj? :)
  13. Rozdzielenie w?tku na dwa mniejsze przyspiesza aplikacj? o 15% :) Na tabletach rzecz po??dana.