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  1. It looks like, there is a 16bit pixel in .tga. GIMP can export it. For the shader the difference between R16 and L16 is not a problem The thread would be closed. Everything is fine.
  2. Hi! Could someone suggest a solution for my problem? I am new to the UE4. I want to start developing an app. I need a texture of R16_UINT texels. It is an index in a shader, which maps other texels from a next resource (indirectly). How can I load such type texture to the engine? This type would be optimal for me. (or how to replace the idea?) It looks like the UE loads .tga files, wchich do not support it.
  3. Modern Windows emulate Fixed Pipeline using a set of shaders. Such modification does not rather help.
  4. Hi! It looks like you are passing the size of vertex instead of index size. Maybe better would be: sizeof(WORD)*m_IndxNum Maybe DirectX would write some informations to console in debug mode.
  5. Maybe the BMFont: http://www.angelcode.com/products/bmfont/ I render texts using this free tool. It creates textures.
  6. kubera

    DirectX install function error

    You would ask the question in https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/ Experts directly from Microsoft are contributing there.
  7. kubera

    DirectX install function error

    OK, maybe DirectXSetupGetEULAW instead of DirectXSetupGetEULAA. I guess, that DirectXSetupGetEULAA is ANSI, not UNICODE, it could be another reason. (.NET is rather UNICODE layer). Here, I am not sure...
  8. kubera

    DirectX install function error

    Hi! The last parameter is 16bit unsigned short, it is rather: UShort than Integer
  9. The WS_EX_LAYERED style is incompatible with DirectX processing (or was a few years ago).
  10. Maybe you could use such boolean expression: if (x % 2 == y % 2)
  11. Hi!   One idea. Do you render transparent models after others? The order is important in a typical scenario,   Happy Christmas
  12. Hi!   An interestic thread. I use the Direct3D11 API, but min. feature level 9_3. One comment, that 9_1 ... 9_3 feature levels are maximum on some tablets. For such devices it is a good idea to be back compatible.
  13. Yoy may post the question on the GitHub. https://github.com/Microsoft/DirectXTK
  14. kubera

    DX11 Use different shaders

    Hi!   I have a containter class, which has a few std::unorderde_maps. It has PSes, VSes and Input Layouts. These three classes may be merged into one combine. One thing is important about Input Layouts. You need them: one per D3D11_INPUT_ELEMENT_DESC, not per VS. It makes code a bit complex. I have also XML parser (very simple based on MS XML Light), which is a database describing how to join them. The last thing, I have only precompiled shaders. They are loading faster. Everything is called by the std::wstring - name.
  15. kubera

    C++ Class Constructor

    I am not sure, but it looks like the compiler wants to move instead of copying. Phonebook::Phonebook(const string & tmp_pb_name) : phonebook_name(tmp_pb_name) { } Phonebook::Phonebook(string && tmp_pb_name) noexcept: phonebook_name(std::move(tmp_pb_name)) { } The first thing, that is a bit interesting: that you can initialize the phonebook_name variable like me in this code. It is a bit faster, than yours. In your code is called default ctor, and the assigment later. In my is only ctor with value to copy.   The first version copies string from the parameter, the second moves. (the source become invalid or empty after the movement, for example string becomes an empty one, but it is more efficient sometimes)   P. S. In your code you pass string by value, sometimes is reference is better.
  16. Hi!   Have you transposed your input matrices?
  17. It looks like the VirtualBox 5 has an experimental support for 3D on Win7 and it is ok for me :)
  18. Hi! Could someone answer my question, please? Does Oracle VirtualBox work with the D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_9_3? (i want to host a Win7 machine with an DirectX application). The problem is, that I do not want to activate the Win7 without such feature.   Thank you very much WK  
  19. kubera

    DirectX/Fraps bug

    Maybe you would use the NVidia's ShadowPlay instead of Fraps. (It looks like you have "green" GPU   ).
  20. Yes, it is. There is no XM_NO_OPERATOR_OVERLOADS in the DirectX math. I am sorry.
  21. In my applications is defined a macro:  XM_NO_OPERATOR_OVERLOADS The code could be faster without operators in DirectX::Math. Writting a program with this macro is possible, not a problem.
  22. Hi!   You would implement your own engine using font textures: http://www.angelcode.com/products/bmfont/
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