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  1. Thanks for the replies. Very informative. I think I will probably start with Code::Blocks, write a few of the basic programs (tic tac toe, pong) for Mac and then try to port the code to Windows just to see what the work load is like and get a feel for the different requirements. But I see how very, very tedious writing an abstracted function for every single API call could be. Ugh. No wonder people use Cider or Wine or other emulators to run games. One would think that a company would have produced an open-source IDE that can handle this automatically. I guess that is what Code::Blocks is trying to do. In my still very uneducated mind, I guess I was hoping to write all the code in one IDE, check the box that says "Compile for Windows and Mac," et voila! An .exe and an .app ready to be shared with the world! It seems like it should be possible with all the open source libraries. I have a feeling I'll read this post in a year's time and giggle at the old me.
  2. is learning c++ as first and only language a bad way to go?

    Thank you all for the very informative post. This is a great community!
  3. So I've been lurking around for a bit, and love the incredibly helpful community here. I'm a noob, so patience, please. My short term goal is to do the tutorials on Lazyfoo.net, and then build them to be functional on both Windows and OS X. I figure this will be a great exercise to help with my longer term goals. In order to do this, I need the following: 1. A language. I'm learning C++ with occasional forays into Python. 2. A cross-platform IDE. I'm leaning towards Code::Blocks. I'd love to learn Xcode (it's already installed) at some point, but I get the feeling trying to get it to spit out a functional Windows game would be a nightmare. 3. A cross-platform windowing solution or library. WxWidgets for that. 4. A multimedia library. Looks like SFML will do. So! Have I got the basic tools in place? Please, punch holes in my plan. Thanks in advance!