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  1. Hello, In October 2011 I began working with the XNA framework. At the end of the year I switched to DirectX 11 with SlimDX. Since then I have improved a lot and do now have some first satisfying results. So I'd like to share this small success and also ask you for your opinion. I am currently building a tiny Direct3D 11 library and game framework, nothing fancy, just for personal use. As it is difficult to show you the project as a whole I will show you the main class containing the application logic. My framework has so far many similarities with the XNA framework. [url=""][/url] The solution contains references to my framework and XNA Math. There are three classes in the application: MyGame (see above), Program and PrimitiveHelper. This is the application in action. The cube rotates, of course: [img][/img] I am not sure wether this is enough information to actually give me some valueable feedback. Also, I know this is nothing special so far, in fact, it's nothing compared to other projects. But I still consider myself to be a beginner and I hope I can get better with your help. Thank you! Greetings from Austria