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    Ridiculous long shot but please help!

    Ok, after reading what you said/referenced thoroughly, me and my work partner decided on C# and XNA, then to later port it to C++ if necessary.
  2. GunnerWolf

    Ridiculous long shot but please help!

    ok yes, i see where you're all coming from. The reason I've already decided Voxel, is because, Planning is the very first step, before even programming I chose C++ (And that may change to C# or Java) because... well I'm not sure actually. As for what washu said about don't expect to make the next Cod/Minecraft whatever overnight, I realised that LONG ago. I don't expect my first game to be ridiculously popular, or my second, or any games I may make. By the way, I have a blog of me slowly getting closer to my final product, so far, I have 2 music tracks (Made those years ago) and a guess the number game made in C++ http://skidsdev.blogspot.com Thanks for all the info and support so far guys ;)
  3. GunnerWolf

    Ridiculous long shot but please help!

    And I would totally agree with you... provided I knew any programming language :/ And actually, after a little more research, OpenGL might be more suited down to it's cross platform functionality.
  4. Ok so I am starting a project, to make a game called Voxelia. Yes, it's a voxel game. No, I'm not doing it because of minecraft. >_> but here's the thing: I found out that C++ and DirectX will be the best choice to make this BUT I know very little C++ and no DirectX :/ So I was wondering if someone could help me out, and help me get from knowing nothing, to at least creating a randomly generated voxel world. I would really appreciate it if you help me. Thanks in advance...
  5. Hi guys, GunnerWolf here, as you can kinda see. Just letting you all know about my C++ project I'm going to start called Voxelia. It's inspired by Cube World, Zelda, Minecraft and Animal Crossing and will feature fully dynamic kingdoms, villages, NPC's ect. The image I normally use is, Imagine you're walking around, and you hear a lot of fighting, walking round a corner, you encounter 2 kingdoms fighting it out over a fort. You have 4 options. 1) Attack Kingdom 1 2) Attack Kingdom 2 3) Attack Both 4) Don't attack (Walk away or watch) Now, if you choose option one, and win, you will have a reputation amongst kingdom 2, but Kingdom 1 will most likely consider you an enemy And Vice versa for option 2 Attacking both, may raise reputation with a 3rd kingdom that wants them both dead, but both will probably consider you an enemy. But not just wars, villages will expand, people will be born, grow up, and get a house, further expanding towns, cities and villages. Even shops are Dynamic, they recieve goods from certain suppliers, usually in the nearby vicinity, and they will pay less and charge less for things they are in surplus of, and charge more but pay more for things they are lacking. Also, this game will include a signet system. A signet is a magical upgrade item for a weapon or armour. There are Material signets that enhance non-magical abilities (Speed, damage, range ect) of the weapon or armour, and spirit signets, which give or enhance magical properties (Elemental damage, life steal ect.) to the weapon or armour. A signet, if left on the ground, will dissapear after 30 seconds, in your regular inventory, it will last 5 minutes, however, on a signet bracelet, a special item you are given at the beginning of the game, it will remain until you decide to use it. Sadly, slots on the signet bracelet are not only limited, but can only hold one type of signet, so one slot cannot hold a material signet or a spirit signet as you deem fit. Material signet slots are more common than spirit signet slots, simply because, material signets are more common than spirit signets. Also, did I mention ever world will be randomly generated? Ah! And I have a development blog: http://skidsdev.blogspot.com
  6. GunnerWolf

    Dukandia - This week's progress and the 3-day weekend before us

    Hi all... I'm the mysterious sidekick of Ice. Technically he works for me but I don't like to think of it that way. www.gameitgames.com the site some of you have seen before in Ice's first post, is infact my website. Iron Genesis (Yes we changed the name again, not veridian anymore) is my company. but since I seem to find java impossible, it seems to be the general rule that Ice is programmer and everything else, and, should anyone ask, I am "Public Relations" Although, all jokes aside, I did make the terrain sprites for Dukandia that as far as we can tell, we will be using. I also help out when possible with planning and ideas. I feel really bad with him doing all the work while I play games, so I try to help when possible. Anyway, just making my presence known ;)
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