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  1. Wow, this is a great way to grow your twitter community http://t.co/gGILTiV4
  2. Fruit on Rails Beta-9 wheeled out
  3. New beta version is coming up soon
  4. Fruit on Rails Beta

    [center][img]http://fruitonrails.3qc.nl/screenshots/FruitOnRails_Banner_GDEV.jpg[/img][/center] [size=6]F[/size]ruit on Rails has reached the beta phase, I'm looking for [b]beta testers[/b] and opinions about the game. Fruit on Rails is an action game in which trains with fruit must be delivered to the correct silos, in turn the produced goods must be send to their destination. More and more trains are coming while you are trying to earn points and extra lives. [url="http://fruitonrails.3qc.nl"]http://fruitonrails.3qc.nl[/url] If you are interested in trying the game, contact me on; [email="weertj@3qc.nl?subject=Fruit%20on%20Rails%20Beta"]weertj@3qc.nl[/email] [img]http://fruitonrails.3qc.nl/screenshots/FruitOnRails_GDEV1.jpg[/img]
  5. Growing my social network on twiends http://t.co/zyJn3cI2