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  1. POSIX thread resume and suspend

    First, if you target C++11, then simply use std threads. For about pthreads, conditions are certainly what you want. A quick search on google about 'pthread suspend' gave me this; https://www.google.fr/search?source=hp&ei=_M1xWpfNL8fLwAK49rfQCQ&q=pthread+suspend&oq=pthread+suspend&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i19k1l3j0i22i30i19k1l7.561.3272.0.3408.
  2. Installing linux on my dev rig

    Nouveau drivers are free drivers that are mostly implemented by reverse engineering. nVidia does not provide the specs of its cards (AMD and Intel do). The default driver X will use when detecting an nVidia card will be the nouveau drivers. If it crashes... Then disable the nouveau drivers by yourself. All cards nowadays are VESA compatibles, right (if I'm not wrong), but you'll have to explicitly tell xorg to use that driver. Also, you might have to blacklist the nouveau driver. You can also disable ACPI at boot time and sees if things are better. Many options could be given to the boot loader. For installation, choose manually the old ncurse interface instead of the graphical one if you have this choice. Also, I never had that few chances where nothing wanted to work. I always use ncurse installation instead of the graphical one. Sometimes I could have boot crash. Then I install the firmware. And normally things start to work. If it still crashes, use a newer kernel. If that does not help, try to grab logs, analyze them and report a bug. But I personally never reached that state where boot crashes even with having installed the firmware and a recent kernel. I could have had the network card not working, or the touchpad, or the wifi card. But not the main functionalities.
  3. How can I ever have time to finish my game?

    Admittedly, you're completely right. We all have the same amount of time. And despite of the fact that we're not equal regarding sleeping, work-time and other scheduled routine, we should all have time for doing what we like/love to do. I personally work on my project every working day in the train. Plus I try to spend a bit of time in the evening. Plus some other during the week-end...
  4. How can I ever have time to finish my game?

    Now, say you have a wife and a child. You must spend at least 1 hour with your wife, and 1 hour with your son. So it remains 2 hours per work day. During the weekend, your wife and your kid expect more from you. So 8 hours remain for each. So 26 hours remain in total instead of 47 But from these 26 hours, you'll have to buy food, to put your kid to school, to sport, you'll have to deal about papers, you lost a bit time in the transport. And except if you have a robotic life, you would have spent the remaining time with work overtime, talking with colleagues, talking with friends, on the phone, roaming on the internet, resting a bit, reading a book, trying to touch your guitar again, going to the doctor, having a walk in the park nearby, or simply sitting on the sofa, watching something on TV, listening to music....
  5. Installing linux on my dev rig

    Hey what did you expected ? Target Ubuntu if you are a beginner with Linux. Forget about BSD. You have many things to take into account. Many distro (like Debian) will not provide non-free drivers/firmwares/softwares during installation, thus making a lot of hardware to fail. I always had issues with running the nouveau drivers (free nvidia drivers) on Geforce cards. So installing the proprietary ones was always the only solution for me to have any graphical things with nVidia cards. You'll also certainly have to face issues with network cards, wifi cards, mouse and keyboard if on laptop... If you want something out of the box, or plug & play, then use Windows. Even Mac OS might not completely work neither, depending on the hardware, if this is not the original hardware provided by apple.
  6. I'm starting to get panicky

    First, crowdfunding is something you can do online. Second, the other things I told, you can take them, or you can omit them. Third, staying a bit polite to the people who answer you is not superfluous. Fourth, for someone who has such a good brain, you did not implicitly understood my question in my last sentence.
  7. I'm starting to get panicky

    You have crowdfunding, you can try some websites that propose this kind of service. You can also work part-time in a Mc Donald or so. You can propose to keep dogs or cats and to make them have a walk around. You can help a single grandma to feed herself (bring her food from the supermarket, cook her food). You can maybe ask your national work association, if any, if they have something to propose to you. But generally, and since the price you are giving in order to live monthly, this might depend a lot on the country where you live.
  8. Which API to learn first

    Thanks for the clarification !
  9. Which API to learn first

    I never did D3D. So maybe this is something different. But isn't that similar to GL_ARB_debug_output ?
  10. Leaving a company at a critical moment

    Hi. I had "exactly" the same thing than you few years ago. I was in a company where I was feeling well, where I had some responsibilities. I re-architectured the project where I was involved in in a way superiors were very happy, and they gave me a new project where things went on the right way. Then I had a phone call from another company, more near from my own family, just few months before my first child would have come to birth, which I accepted mainly because of the salary (and after talkings with my wife). Now I don't know if this was a good or bad idea. I can say that it would have been very difficult to make my family live correctly with keeping my previous job. However I would have an a better experience in software architecture and engineering. But now I have more money, I live not too far from my parents, my wife could have staid with the kid for its first years. I have less responsibilities than before, I won't have the opportunity to architect a new project, I don't work in 3D anymore. But as stated above, I'm still not able to tell if this is good or bad. I guess this is simply life where you need to make choices, and sometimes choices will have a bigger impact on your whole life. And trying to figure out if previous decisions were good or bad will not make things change, and most of the time will not help you make a better decision for the next time, since things are never the same. If you start to have regrets for your old partners or superiors, this is not good. Because most of the times these persons will not have regrets for you. Maybe I'm wrong here, globally speaking, but in the country where I live, you really have to think like this. Hope that could help.
  11. OpenGL glError 1282

    Sorry to be a bit rude, but... You already posted in another forum, plus in this another forum you posted twice in the same section. You started to have answers from this another forums, from people willing to help you solve your problems. And you posted here in this forum after the answers from this another forum. This is not that respectful, plus this will spread answers instead of focusing on them. Also, please consider how to ask questions. Telling that you have a certain error (which I, to say, gave to you on the other forum) and spitting your code after will not make people willing to help you. Thank you.
  12. Transforming Angular Velocity

    You'll need to transport them too if they don't apply to the same point (see Varignon theorem).
  13. C++ use class

    You don't feel really comfortable with this programming language. I would like to suggest you taking some lessons before moving on. This will definitely be a win-win.
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