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  1. ^This. Everything about it, that's what I was trying to get to but LorenzoGatti articulated it much better than myself.
  2. I guess my brain doesn't work the way other peoples do, in your scenario. I wouldn't be frightened to then see something terrible, I would be like "well that explains it". I guess that situation doesn't really instill fear in me. I was in New Orleans after Katrina (3 days later, to take photographs of commercial property that was damaged), there were still bodies floating in the street and plenty of atmosphere others described as creepy, to me, it was exactly what I expected, there weren't any abnormal feelings about it. That said I'm not unscareable, even some movies come to mind that genuinely scared me (not jump scares either), but it was more a situation of utter and complete helplessness that makes me feel fright than anything else.
  3. The problem with this approach, as it comes up regularly. Anything you don't provide, or provide in a way people don't like (and, the majorit yof people will become quickly irritated by in-game voice/chat that only 'works' sometimes), they're just going to use ventrilo or teamspeak which you can't control. In fact, the majority of people who play in groups regularly are already going to be using a third party system (why use your in game feature when they were using ventrilo to play Trine 2, and are now switching over to your game.) Which leaves you back at, if they can communicate by voice freely with no problems, you've lost any tension your cutting-out voice system causes. Stormynature offers some good insight and options, however I disagree with Ashaman73 (respectfully of course), I don't consider lack-of-knowledge to be or cause fear. I don't know a lot of things, but that doesn't make me afraid of them. When I'm in scuba diving 100 feet down in the ocean, staring at the absolute darkness below me, I have no idea what's down there, but I'm not afraid, I'm curious. Now, if something suddenly appeared out of the darkness, say, a great white shark, which can rip me to shreds and I'm utterly defenseless against, now I'm probably feeling a little bit of terror, but if he and his hundreds of friends would've stayed in the dark, not knowing would've never made me scared, even if it's possible that's all that's down there.
  4. This is part of what the Resident Evil (especially the first in the series) games did as one of the facets of creating tension. I wouldn't say scare ammo causes FEAR, but it definitely causes stress/tension. When you go into an area knowing good and well you have 3 bullets, and there's 5 zombies - you're extremely worried about the outcome, sometimes even having 5 bullets and 4 zombies was disconcerning, what if you miss, what if you miss twice. But like I said, this isn't really 'frightening'. I think most research indicates fear is much more heavily affected by audio. You can be visually frightening but those tend to end up as jump scares (I'm looking at you F.E.A.R). However, thinking of F.E.A.R., they did some genuinely creepy things that weren't jump-tactics, a memory is walking through a culvert or tunnel where you see the shadow of a girl in front of you, projected by a fire barely out of view, and the accompanying noise of her, yet when you round the corner nothing is there. The problem with co-op environments is that being alone inherently makes almost any situation less frightening. You have support, even if the other person isn't Rambo, you have another functional set of eyes, ears and hands. I think the correct response if you're going for fear, is to make the players feel their teammates are NOT reliable or safe. However for every avenue of communication you provide them, you remove fear. If you make one player 'hallucinate' by showing them enemies that aren't there, them firing off wildly at something no one else sees would startle the others and make them curious, but if they're in voice chat, it's quickly defused as "oh, tim is seeing the hallucinations, no problem". Where if they can't talk to each other, there's more tension remaining. If they're allowed to stick together all the time, you lose even more opportunities. If they are forced to split up frequently (say, to solve puzzles), you have opportunities to cause them fear. Maybe player A working on his objective is making noise player B can hear through the wall, distort them and make them creepy - they're freaking each other out. In certain circumstances, maybe make player A look like an enemy for a moment, player B might fire at him. Anyway, those are just simple ideas but, I think you'll find in a co-op environment the answer to fear is finding ways to make the co-op players fear each other, otherwise it's 4 calm people against whatever you have.
  5. I'll probably get branded as one a nut now, but, I'd do exactly what I already plan to do. Unlike I guess the majority of people, I have a disaster plan. I carry a pistol 24/7, even at work or at home, and in the back of my truck are 40 gallons of gas, a bag containing everything I need for 7 days as far as food, clothing and shelter go as well as a water purification kit. With the bag is are two sets of US military issued body armor, and a few changes of BDUs (everything is multicam, seemed the most appropriate.), a .308 hunting rifle and an AR-15 and a compliment of ammunition for both rifles and my pistols (pistols are all the same caliber, only 3 types of rounds between all my guns). I've got 8 months worth of food and supplies to support 6 people stored securely (buried) at 3 seperate locations. One is near a house (I don't own, but feel I could appropriate and protect), a second is in what I consider a fallback location from the first, and the third is what I consider to be quite remote, all three have access to water, and reasonably close access to food. I rotate the food every 4 years and check the conditions of the supplies to replace as necessary. In the event of a disaster, regardless of it's nature, if I feel that it has put me in a position to abandon my life as I know it, the first order of business is a hastry retreat to the first location, the only detour involved being to retrieve my dog (which I admit could be a hinderance to my survival but, I wouldn't feel right leaving her to die), afterwhich it's straight to the first location. I keep 4 maps with seperate routes in my trucks center console, each with multiple routes from different cities I've lived in or work in/visit regularly, generally seperate by direction of approach depending on where I am when things go south. I've made provisions to allow 6 people to live for 24 months, however only one other person knows of my planning, and even they don't know where it is, I've agreed on a rally point with them, and promised them I'd check it every 7 days, afterwhich they'd be on there own. I have no intentions to retrieve family or friends, and assume the other slots would be filled with people I feel could benefit myself and whatever group we formed. I'm not a typically loving or empathetic person, I'd be looking for people that have no qualms about doing whatever it takes to carry on, stone cold without being sadistic. I have no reservations about taking from others to guarentee my own survival, even if doing so requires killing them or making their own survival impossible otherwise. If I were to take on a group, I'd protect them with the same fervor as I'd protect myself, and for that reason I'd keep that group small and functional. If it were a civilization ending event as you described, my next step would be to find a self sufficient group, and implant myself and/or my own group as the law, by force if necessary. I'd offer protection from anything that comes, and guarentee safety in return for sustaining myself and/or my people, and I'd uphold that agreement with swift consequences to anyone who threatened it, insiders or otherwise. That'd be my position. I don't care for growing food, I don't care for saving those who didn't plan ahead and can't help now. I wouldn't go to the lack of morals you see in most post-apolocalyptic stories, I don't believe in rape or torture and wouldn't stand for it. I wouldn't kill someone who left me with a choice not to, but not giving up food or supplies I need, or the threat of exposing myself to worse things (a party of even less poral people, for example), or taking part in things that destroy the group I'm with (stealing from within the group, killing another group member, rape, treason - whatever), I wouldn't hesitate to kill for. Anyway, that's about what I'd do. I'll survive it if something happens, will you?
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