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  1. TileMap java side/up scrolling

    Thanks for the replies, Specially the last one i got it working with that (really nice) diagram
  2. TileMap java side/up scrolling

    I see where my post could have caused some confusion sry, i meant 2D and as i understand it there is no actual camera in 2D.
  3. TileMap java side/up scrolling

    Hey, im very new game development, but i've tried very basic games like tetris and such, right now im Using LWJGL as i find it much easier to handle things with that library, right now im working on a very basic RTS game for testing purpose. But im having problems with the "camera" im using a tilemap to display my textures but how do i move my camera around in such a map? i've tried searching for it but i can't seem to find it anywhere with a tilemap any feedback would be a great help .