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  1. Muhammad Sabry

    The best GUI

    I'm sorry for doing that, it's just I didn't see the General programming section at the first. So I'm sorry again,and thanks for the merging.
  2. Muhammad Sabry

    The best GUI

    1- best GUI for window programming. if I understood your quesition. 2- I know that mfc is for MS windows, and eather qt or wxWidget is a cross plateform, which make them in higher position than mfc. 3- Desktop Applications, but sooner or later I will start programming for games. Thanks
  3. Muhammad Sabry

    The best GUI

    Ok I've done alot of codes in console and still doing, but I'm not gonna stuck all my life with console So any advice from you "Telastyn".
  4. Muhammad Sabry

    The best GUI

    Hello everybody... I'm a beginner C++, I've been already coding for console,but now I think it's the time to move to window application, So my question is What is best GUI and why? i've been searching on the web and I found (MFC, QT, wxWidgets), but I really don't know which one to choose. So HELP ME PLEASE. Note: I'm for sure wanna be a games programmer at the end. Thanks
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