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  1. Making Game Development team

    hm interesting did not know there was a section like that lol
  2. [color=#141414]Heello there![/color] [color=#141414]I am looking for anybody that would like to join my game development team. We are currently going to make a Legend of Zelda game. There is no team name, so if you join you more than likely can assist in naming with us. [/color] [color=#141414]The spots we need to be filled include[/color][list] [*]Modeler [list] [*]This is probably the most needed spot we have open currently [/list] [*]Animator [list] [*]This is an optional spot we have open, where we can get it done how we have it now, just would prefer to have a devoted animator. [/list] [*]Texturer/texture maker [list] [*]This will be a more needed job as we get further into the development of the game. [/list] [*]Sound FX creator [list] [*]You must be able to create sound effects 100% original, as in recorded from your own microphone. [/list] [*]Scripter [list] [*]We will need a few more of these, in either C# or javascript. [/list] [*]Lastly, Character modeler [list] [*]We very importantly need this spot filled, as we can't find anyone that will do it free. [/list] [/list] [color=#141414]Due to copyright infringement, we can not legally sell the game, therefore we can not offer pay. [/color] [color=#141414]The main reason we are making this game is for the learning experiance, and wanted to try and offer spots for more people interested in trying to get better at, or learn how to develop a game. Now that I have you hooked at least a little bit, here is the catch. We so far are all highschool students looking for the experiance before we take our game development courses in college. We would like to be able to present this in college, as well as when we attempt to join a real game development company when we are older for our career. Wouldn't it be so nice when applying to work at Nintendo and be able to say, "Look what I made when i was in highschool!" and then immediatly get the job[/color][img][/img][color=#141414] lol. [/color] [color=#141414]But regarding this, I am not saying you have to be in highschool to join. I was just giveing this as a heads up to anyone that would be opposed to working with teenagers.[/color] [color=#141414]If you are interested, please email me at [/color][color=#ff0000][b][REMOVED BY MODERATOR][/b][/color][color=#141414] state what job you are interested in, and if you can, give us some work to show you are serious about joining.[/color]