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  1. Maze Generation

    [url="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18231613/MazeGeneration/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html"]This[/url] is a class project that is an attempt at procedural maze generation. I have several simple pieces that I modeled in Maya that snap together. I hope to further develop this algorithm as it has been rather challenging but also fun to work on. It is still a work in progress and if I get a final build working I will post it here as well. You can reset with the R button, it make take a few minutes for the maze to appear and there is no camera movement so the maze may go off screen.
  2. Class Projects

    I just wanted to post a couple of class projects here to get some feedback. [url="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18231613/Boids/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html"]This[/url] project was my first attempt at a flocking algorithm. I used the Unity wiki boids script as a starting reference and went from there. You can change the weighting of behaviors in the web build. Q and A will increase or decrease “Randomness” respectively. Likewise W and S will control “Cohesion”, E and D will control “Alignment” and R and F will control “Separation” which starts out heavily weighted as there are no colliders on the boids. The boids will also fly towards and then around three way-points. [url="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18231613/ForTaylor/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html"]This[/url] project was an attempt at basic AI behaviors using Unity's NavMesh component. I was given behaviors from another student that he wanted included into his game. This build is very primitive and I have moved the camera back so you can view the behaviors bettor. The enemies will change color based on there current state. Blue is idle, red is attacking, black is retreating, yellow is patrolling, and green is wandering. If you face an enemy and press Q you will “attack” them, their health will decrease and once their health gets low enough they will retreat, if far enough away their health will regenerate and they will attack once again. One enemy will start out wandering and the other will start out patrolling, if either “see” you they will attack. Be warned some walls do not have colliders and you will then fall for ever, I don't think there is a key to reset the scene and I am a little pressed for time at the moment.
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