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  1. Sound FX Editing Program

    If you're looking for a DAW to use primarily for sound editing with precise parameter control, I'd recommend taking a close look at Adobe Audition. From what you described it looks like it could be perfect for you.
  2. Sound FX Editing Program

    There's a lot of capable choices, so your decision will come down to what you'll be most comfortable working with. You can take a look at the two programs you mentioned and download a demo to get a feel for how they work, I personally use Adobe Audition for a lot of my sound editing. As a free alternative, the already mentioned Audacity would be a good option to look into and it might even be just enough to match your current needs.
  3. How can I improve this song?

    As I listened to the piece for the first time, I noticed that I had a hard time establishing chordal clarity. I think you could improve that by incorporating a sort of rhythm either by interspersing the chord structure throughout different musical phrases, or even by simple chord playing throughout the piece. I think Nathan addressed all of the other major points very clearly, and if you follow that advice as well you will have a very nice, organic piece of music.