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  1. 2d tile game.

    [quote name='Manabreak' timestamp='1330001524' post='4915844'] I would suggest using Java3D with an ortographic projection. Instead of using sprites, you just apply the textures on simple planes and render them instead. [img][/img] [/quote] Its a 2D game is that sounds complicated ...
  2. 2d tile game.

    Wazzzzzzup everyone =) I'm making my own rpg game . I basically need hints on a really fast way to draw the background in java .... I mean super fast. Currently I have a array with 1000x1000 tile objects ... in my game the hero is centered and the background moves ... witch basically mean that i have to redraw the background every time the hero moves ... Basically its finished ... but i only draw exactly what is going to be displayed witch means that if only half a tile is inside the panel then i cut out that part before displaying it .... Well it takes the paintcomponent about ~50 ms to repaint the screen witch is unacceptable ... so how can i do this faster ? ideas? tutorials ? Thanks.