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    Animating for 2D games

    Yeah I remember reading about it on Newgrounds, I know it was made in flash but I believe they used an in house engine and transferred it over. Also I just found out you can make sprites quite easily with the newest version of Flash so I think ill go that route, thanks for all the replies guys! Also: I want to get a bit of coding under my belt and start down the surely long and rigorous path of creating a 2d game engine. Even though Ill be handling the art department once my code buddies come up to work on the project I would still like to have a fundamental or a bit more understanding of the code thats going into the game. Basically, where should I go once I understand the whole hello world/ if statements/variables deal? As in can someone give me some fine tutorials thatll point me in the right direction? (would rather not spam by making this a new topic) Thanks in advance guys and gals
  2. Twrecks

    Animating for 2D games

    Perhaps I dont understand enough about 2d game engines to be asking these questions, just trying to have some kind of foresight before jumping into this
  3. Twrecks

    Animating for 2D games

    Aha, interesting, thanks for the response. This seems kind of limiting though dont you think? This seems like it would work for a game like limbo with their simplistic character design but by doing this I would lose alot of the fluidness of my animation. Say I wanted something along the lines of Castle Crashers where each limb wasnt necessarily affected by physics?
  4. How do you go about animating for a 2d game engine made from scratch? I am wondering this because Im decently skilled in Flash, however I know that Flash is becoming outdated and not so optimal at making non browser games via actionscript. Do I just make sprites in photoshop to animate each frame? Thats the only solution ive seen and it seems very tedious compared to the more intuitive way of animating in Flash or another program designed specifically for animation. I just dont see how you could capture the fluidness of games like Limbo or Rayman: Origins by making sprites in photoshop.
  5. Twrecks

    Want to make a flash game

    I dont understand how you could make a 2d game with xna alone unless you used sprites and thus making it extremely tedious. Is there another animation program that XNA does support?
  6. Hey yall so Ive been animating in Flash for a while now and my buddy proposed the idea of making a 2d game. He only has a basic knowledge of coding and I have next to no knowledge of coding. It would be easy to make the game completely in flash with AS but through some google searches Ive heard that doing this could cause some optimization problems. More importantly we like the idea of being able to put our game on xbox live arcade, kind of an unrealistic idea at the moment, but we would like that option to be available. Where do we even start. TLDR: Want to make flash game that can port to other platforms, specifically XBLA. Thanks in advance
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