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  1. "You don't have to be alone to be lonely, you might as well give in." #nowplaying: The House Wins - OK Go
  2. #nowplaying: Butterflies and Hurricanes - Muse
  3. The Indie Revolution (Warning: it's a long read)
  4. 7 confirmed characters from other indie games to be featured as unlockable characters in my game. #woot
  5. Foo Fighters: perfect for everything. RT @Lynn_Abiraad: Foo fighters: perfect for my workout
  6. Shit... sorry we forgot you couldn't walk through solid matter.
  7. Django Django in bed is a great way to end a day that made me feel like an African cocoa slave.
  8. Pixel art is beautiful. #nowgaming: VVVVVV - @terrycavanagh
  9. If you've got any sense of humanity, watch this and RT: #KONY2012
  10. Example: Apple's Pages is a clusterfark.
  11. #nowplaying: Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Radiohead
  12. #Hugo is an incredible movie/journey/experience/if you don't watch it you should die.
  13. I've got rights to use Random's music in my game. #WinGet