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  1. The Missing Piece RPG Your quest is to find the missing piece… Nobody knows what the machine does, or who made it. All they know is you’re the chosen one. A bit more info (not 100% decided) You wake up in the mayor’s house, not knowing who you are or where you are. You were found in a forest unconscious by the town’s mayor. You learn about a machine in the town, and the scrolls of the chosen one being found… The scroll contains a picture of you… As you've probably guessed by this post, the game is nowhere near finished - it's merely a concept at this moment in time, therefore making it open to suggestions and feedback from the gaming community. Our plan is to release this game at either 10-50 pence, or free. Dependant upon how much of our time this takes up (it's going to take up a lot!). Well, I'm currently learning C++ (to make the game in), and in a few weeks, I should be ready to start on it. Another member of our team is also learning C++ and teaching me too! Well, I appreciate you reading all of this - Jack
  2. pixelgeer

    [WIP] [RPG] The Missing Piece

    Thanks! I'll have these in mind when I fully write the storyline
  3. Hello! Are there any (preferably free) (semi-) random 8/16-bit music generators out there? If so, has anyone got any links? Thanks! - Jack
  4. pixelgeer

    Digital board game idea

    Yeah, so it drops slightly off center maybe, or where the cursor lands? And it's not necessary for 3D, just giving you some options
  5. pixelgeer

    Digital board game idea

    I know this sounds stupid, but something as simple as clacking sounds when the pieces are placed down, and a 3D perspective will get a player interested.
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