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  1. Python#

    Python input problems

    input() I also get this line in the executed file: Syntax Error: unexpected EOF while parsing. Then it quickly closes. I'm using Python 3.2.
  2. I have a strange problem with Python. When I use the input command, it works on the python shell, but when I use it as an executable, it crashes. Could someone help me with it?
  3. Python#

    Best Python 3d library?

    I figured it out, I downloaded Python 2.6 and put it into the python directory in Panda3D. Now I can import the Panda3D modules. Thanks for the help.
  4. Python#

    Best Python 3d library?

    Operating System: Windows 7 Python: 3.2.2 Panda3D: 1.7.2
  5. Python#

    Best Python 3d library?

    Okay, I'll give Panda3d another try. The problem with it is my Python gets an error when I try to import the Panda3d module. Could someone help me with this problem?
  6. Hi everyone. I just want to know which 3d library is best suited for Python. I've know about Panda3d, but it refuses to work on my Python editor, and I used Pygame before but I don't know how powerful it's 3D ability is.
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