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  1. Aliii

    Why did my SSD just die?

    Haha, I will need to install both windows and linux, ...the latter one will take me days to get it back to the way it was. I should have kept more backups:). In the meantime I tested it on other PCs. Seems like it's totally gone.
  2. Aliii

    Why did my SSD just die?

      Thanks! I've tried to boot with it but it can't find the SSD. I tried the same on an older laptop, nothing. On my PC I took the battery out from the motherboard for a few hours as to reset the bios but same thing, it's not seen. I will try it on an other PC soon, if still nothing then I will post to their forum maybe they know a magic trick but probably not:)
  3. Aliii

    Why did my SSD just die?

    Thanks! It's indeed a reminder for backing up stuff more often since I lost a few days of work.   "OCZ Vertex was the one with a firmware update that enabled higher performance at the cost of randomly busting the drive permanently. I hope you were not running on that firmware version." Probably not, I didn't install any update on it. Now that I'm reading into it they don't handle power loss very well and recently I had a lot of crashes where I had to reset the machine. ...I don't know but I guess it doesnt matter now.   Money-wise it came at the worst time, I want to update my PC - new HDD, more RAM and a few small things - and this "update" was totally not planned. I have to go with something cheap. Im looking at the 120gig Intel 535 now. It comes with 5 years warranty which sounds OK but I can't really find any reviews on it.
  4. Aliii

    Why did my SSD just die?

    So I've been updating something on linux and suddenly everything froze, I had to reset. Then it didn't boot, I checked the BIOS and saw that my SSD is not there. I tried it with the cables from my HDD (which works fine), maybe it's something with the cable or what not but no, it's dead. I had my file system go away before and had bad sectors on my HDD but I never had it die on me like this. So anybody an idea what happened here? It was about 3 years old, 120gig OCZ Vertex. On average the PC was on at least 8 hours every day. I dont know how long these things are supposed to last. Could it be the updates I was installing? Some of them were system files. And also: could you recommend me an SSD now?:) It has to be around 120 gig, SATA3, it doesn't need to be fast just a reliable SSD. Is Kingston or Samsung any good? Thanks!
  5. Aliii

    Legal dangers for small indies

    Thanks a lot! and thanks LennyLen and Frob for typing those long and useful answers! (Further posts are welcome but I will be away from keyboard for a few days)
  6. Aliii

    Legal dangers for small indies

    All art/models made from scratch.
  7. So I've been kind of out of game development for a while:) but Im thinking of starting it again. The thing is Im broke and I dont have the money to incorporate. I will as soon as I can but I just cant for a while. So thats more reason to be afraid of the legal troubles. My question is: is there a realistic chance for a small indie to get sued over something? (sued or get a C&D asking for XX000 sum for legal damages.) Does that chance increase a lot if you ask money for the game? (think of a game that makes about a 100$) I think there are many of us here in a similar situation so please try to give a detailed answer. In my case: I work alone, Im thinking of making small atmospheric games (single player / PC) with minimal number of characters, names. Im from the EU. I do intend to spend some money on a lawyer to help me out with the EULA and basic stuff. Thanks!
  8. When saving game data, how should one write floats for example into the file? Someone quicksaves the game then later loads it back. Should I assume that the save-load will be on the same device or on devices with the same float format/size, same endianness, ...and write it in binary? Or divide it into two integers - mantissa and exponent - and save those in binary? Or convert it to text and parse back to float when loading?
  9. Aliii

    Advertising a Game

      Steam/Kickstarter as marketing tools: Greenlight - absolutely. Kickstarter - yes, but in case of "success" you have to finish and deliver what you have promised. If you have never fully finished and released a game before, its probably a bad idea.   https://www.techdirt.com/blog/startups/articles/20130228/00041522145/kickstarter-projects-that-dont-meet-their-goal-are-not-failures-they-help-people-avoid-failures.shtml http://nintendoenthusiast.com/article/kickstarter-feature-part-1-why-kickstarters-fail-and-how-to-avoid-it/   Social media presence is also a good thing.(maybe not Facebook and the Youtube comment section ...but Twitter:))   In your question(s) you dont say anything about what phase of the development your game is in. You only have concept art/ideas, you have a beta, you have a finished game, a playable demo, a previous version? Do you have games that people already know? How long till the game is finished? - if it has much time to go, you can use the dev process as a marketing tool(see IndeDB/Desura). ...consider things like these. ...otherways its more like lamenting about marketing rather than coming up with a concrete plan for an actual game.
  10.   Lol, you are right.   The first paragraph: I agree with most of it, thanks for the advice. I dont think I can talk about the parts I dont agree with without risking a debate/opinion-exchange. ...so I wont:)
  11. I do have a class: CObjectWithID. If you derive from it: class CA : public CObjectWithID{ .... class CB : public CObjectWithID{ .... ...it will automatically generate and maintain ID-s for objects of CA and CB. It uses the constructors, destructor, assignment operatorts for that. I dont wanna go too much into it, but the point is it works as long as you dont do something like this: class CA : public CB, public CObjectWithID{... I will find a workaround but It made me wonder about this problem with the assignment operators and virtual inheritance.
  12. You have the "dreaded diamond" hierarchy. You have virtual inheritance. A | \ |   \ B    C |   / | / D D d1;    //A`s constructor will be called once. Good D d2; d1 = d2; //D will call B`s and C`s operator=, and those both will call A`s. ....so it will be called twice. Also, with move assignment, ...you are supposed to zero out the data in the source after you`ve copied it. So thats no good.    
  13. With virtual inheritance you can prevent a base class from being created more than once. So far I couldnt find a proper way to prevent the assignment/move-assignment operator from being called multiple times on the base. As for C++11 or 14, is there some new feature that makes this possible? If not, whats the best way to handle this? (apart from not putting any data into the base:)) Thanks!
  14. Aliii

    Windows 7 Nightmare

    Why dont you just boot with an ubuntu USB and see if the files are there or not?
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