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  1. Rendering items on a model

    Ok, thats pretty helpful. Thanks for taking the time to help! [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.png[/img]
  2. I looked around/did a search and I didn't find another topic like this. Sorry in advance if I missed it. I'm working on a new project where different types of characters can wear different clothes, tools, etc. I've done a project like this in 2D and it just required that I make new sprites, not a big deal. The new project is going to be in 3D (using XNA), so I was wondering: 1. Would it just be easier (though time consuming) to just create a new model for every different set of equipment (i.e. guy in fatigues, guy in plate armor, guy in t-shirt/jeans) ? or 2. Would it be easier/more efficient to render the equipment onto my base character models based on their dimensions (i.e. breast plate is scaled based on model's width, depth, and height and placed with relative coordinates to the model's torso)? I've done some work in 3D as far as hierarchal modeling that I believe might be the correct direction to go, but I'm not sure (this being my first 3D game). I'm not asking for code or anything, just some psuedocode or a general direction will be tremendously helpful. I'm still quite a bit far away from actually rendering models to the screen, so its not that urgent. Really just curious.
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