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    Neighborhood Conflict Beta Released

    Exactly, I think if anyone takes a look at the game they realize at first glance it is harmless. Capt, if you just watch a few seconds of the video I think you'll agree. There are also more at http://www.youtube.com/lowrentgaming
  2. lowrentmedia

    Neighborhood Conflict Beta Released

    Hi, this is not a game about bullying. It is a strategic 4x like simulation game based on real events where all participants were consenting.
  3. http://lowrentgaming.nfshost.com/nconflict.htm (free to play) Control a group of kids and try to dominate or manipulate the neighborhood socially, economically, or by force. The game features a vintage dos feel and is similar to a board game. It is multiplayer and browser based with a real time updating map, and a manual is available on the home page. http://www.youtube....h?v=-ac94vHYufU
  4. We have been working on our current game for almost exactly 1 year and are starting to plan on our next game. It was supposed to be released earlier this year, but we've been forced into some costly and unplanned roster changes that have delayed it. However, right now we have 3 options for people to vote on for the next game, if you want to vote go to our site. Update: Voting has ended, thanks.
  5. Neighborhood Conflict Beta is about to be released and I'm looking to give away some free accounts. Let me know if you're interested and I'll hook you up. The game is about kids who form their own miniature governments, companies, political parties, and other groups. In the game they try to build their economies and power through fort construction, diplomacy, economic manipulation, wars, and recruiting other kids with skills that can help their cause. Below are some videos about the game to help you understand what it's about, there are also more on the Low Rent Media YouTube page: www.youtube.com/lowrentmedia [media][/media] [media][/media] [media][/media] [media][/media]
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