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  1. I always had a problem writing xml parser
  2. is it possible to make custom bones animation instead of one being imported from animation software? I mean I know it involves a lot of maths and everything
  3. input system

    what is id tech engine? Is it the platform you are trying to work your code in?
  4. Intersection of two 3D Polyhedrons

    On large scale multiple intersactions, won't that make the code very slow?
  5. Custom Flash Video Player

    I have learned everything is possible with flash [quote name='Jethro_T' timestamp='1331594064' post='4921498'] Thanks, that was a very informative reply. I'm not sure if my main problem was clear/specific enough though so I'll try to explain it better. - I want to build a simple site that has a custom flash player that has additional functionality - For example, I want my flash player to be able to repeat specified segments of the video (The user enters something like 0:10 to 0:20 and it loops that part of the video) - I want users to be able to enter the address of videos stored on other sites (around 10 or so different sites) - I want the video to play through my custom player as it is streamed from the 3rd party servers to the user (I don't want it downloaded to my server) Is this possible? [/quote]
  6. Video-games events in UK

    No Events so far? :s
  7. Whats the worst a bad pointer could do

    [quote name='mhagain' timestamp='1331720373' post='4921920'] [quote name='Cornstalks' timestamp='1331703579' post='4921884'] The worst thing it can do? Allow your program to execute normally, as if there was no bad pointer. Because then you have to worry about all these problems everyone is mentioning, except you have no idea and no hints that there is a serious security threat. The best thing it can do? Crash your program, hopefully during a nice debugging session. That way you know there is something wrong, and hopefully you care enough to do what it takes to properly fix it. [/quote] Winner. [/quote] I agree fully
  8. I'd recommend any starter to start with DirectX. You'll learn all the foundation that way.
  9. Multiple Controllers + Kinect

    I would want to know that too