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  1. I always had a problem writing xml parser
  2. is it possible to make custom bones animation instead of one being imported from animation software? I mean I know it involves a lot of maths and everything
  3. darksheikh

    input system

    what is id tech engine? Is it the platform you are trying to work your code in?
  4. darksheikh

    Intersection of two 3D Polyhedrons

    On large scale multiple intersactions, won't that make the code very slow?
  5. darksheikh

    Custom Flash Video Player

    I have learned everything is possible with flash
  6. darksheikh

    Video-games events in UK

    No Events so far? :s
  7. darksheikh

    Whats the worst a bad pointer could do

    Winner. [/quote] I agree fully
  8. I'd recommend any starter to start with DirectX. You'll learn all the foundation that way.
  9. darksheikh

    Multiple Controllers + Kinect

    I would want to know that too
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