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  1. 1. Windows 7 2. Windows 7+ 3. C++, Visual Studio 2012 express, Notepad++, and hundred of small tools 4. OpenGL, OpenFramework, Qt, and hundred of small libs 5. game/2D/3D/solo/free 6. VS 2012 has high requirement but syntax highlighting is nice. It's user interface save my eyes also. Qt could be perfect tool if it can import general c++ project from visual studio. Anyway, Qt is nice tool too.
  2. ngoaho91

    Are you a gamer?

    Of course i am. I think we should play games even if we are busy. Because games are the best inspiration for us. You never know how terrible your game are till you play an AAA GAME. And you never know how stupid you code till you play and read the source of an open source game. Singer listen to musics. Artist watch drawings. Writer read novels. Teacher learn. So it's absolutely reasonable if we play games !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. that's mine   [attachment=20580:wide ide.png]
  4. yeah my problem seem solved, thank you all for the support.
  5. ngoaho91

    Daedalus Lib

      i'm stick with C++
  6. yeah, starcraft 2 is my goal, i'm talking about it's terrain and moving system. i'm already have a set of 2D assets that can form the game. but building assets can't fit in grid. i mean it's shape isn't square or rectangle or diamond, so i think of 'polygon' solution above. but it's seem unofficial and no one do it. i feel a little awkward
  7. ngoaho91

    Daedalus Lib

      yes, i'm stucking at pathfinding and crowd control. i posted a question about that at here, you can take a visit
  8. 1. character are built of many parts, you can name it, head, body(body = body + leg + foot), left hand, right hand, left weapon, right weapon. 2. you must have a list of character state, it's about 40 state as i remember, to handle such many action like diablo. here are example: - idle, every kind of weapon have same form if idle - walk, no weapon - walk, 2-handed weapon(lance, staff...) - walk, 1-handed weapon(sword, blade, ...) - walk, double weapon(2 sword, 2 blade at once, difference to 2-handed) - walk, bow weapon - run, no weapon - run, 2-handed weapon - run, 1-handed weapon - run, double weapon - run, bow weapon .... so on, many state   each state must have difference animation, assume that a state have 40 animation, and a character formed from 6part. then we cost 40x6=240sprite to build a character. the number of sprite grow very fast as variation of equipment grow. you must find a way to manage that huge number of sprite, dont load every sprite at once and you know that kind of system needs many sprite, so never use HD assests. it's cost 4MB of disk space, after optimized, to store a helmet. you know? helmet are small, 1 frame 6x6 pixel average.   3. when you turn character, move up -> move left... of course you must change the animation, but it's not only thing you must do. you must re-arrange the parts. when character move up, the order of render are -> weapon < hand < head < body. so the weapon and hand would be hide under body. but when character move down, the order reversed. basically, you must have a table to represent the order when character turning. - up -> 1, 2, 3, 4 - down -> 4,3,2,1 - left ..... - right ....   that's all my experience, nothing hard, but it's complex, and if you haste(like me), you will get a mess instead of a awesome game. 4. here is mine
  9.   i'm not that good to make grid movement smooth . i compare AOE to starcraft, i think both use grid map, but starcraft has micro skill, AOE not. smooth unit movement is important for micro.         i searched and found people talking about navigation mesh, but i don't understand why there are so many nodes that doesn't belong to any obstacle. i think a shortest path never travel through them. why are they there?
  10. ngoaho91

    Daedalus Lib

    so, do you plan to share it???
  11. @pink horror: i tested with 65 nodes, and do the test 100 times per frame, i'm too lazy to draw a map 6500 nodes . and yeah right, i forgot to mention intersect condition.     first i do simple step, collide the aabb of them. if overlap, i do complex step, check collide that line segment to every single line segment of the polygon.     i'm using quad tree to divide polygon set. the time to find which polygons to test seem cost logN time(n=number of polygon)
  12. @cormet, actually the algorithm build & rebuild graph cause the slow. dijstra are works fine here but i will try a*. @aardvajk, i was think of that way before, as i see from here, the generated graph are poor. so when the agents growns, many paths should duplicate. then agents would collide many times. then evade process occurs frequencely and slow down the game. @ferrous: please show me those algorithms :D
  13. Hello, i'm working on a 2D RTS project, no tile-based map. I have a problem on building map data structure & algorithm for that. I already think of a naive algorithm to solve that. Of course it's very slow. I'm looking for an advice from who experienced  At very first, i have a list of obstacle as polygon like that   [attachment=20213:map.png]   i decided to build a pathfinding graph, then i travel all pairs of node, connect them if the connection segment doesn't intersect any polygon. this process have O(n^2) time complexity.   [attachment=20214:graph.png]   after that, on every path query, i try connect every node to A(startnode) and B(goal node), then do dijstra to find path. this process have O(2n) + O(nlogn) time complexity.   [attachment=20216:query graph.png]   [attachment=20217:path.png]     That's all, my algorithm works fine(even it's slow) if the environment is static, no insert, remove obstacle. But when the environment turn to dynamic, such as a obstacle removed, i need to rebuild pathfinding graph(O(n^2)), my fps extremely decreased, 120 to 10.   Is there a more professional aproach to solve my problem?
  14. ngoaho91

    How did you start in Game Development/Programming?

    6 years ago, my friend brought to me RPG Maker 2000. i was impressed by the animation editor, yes, animation editor. i never ever could edit such an cool image like this. so i decided to build a game with it(actually RPG Maker XP i found later). and then, my first program written in RPG Maker XP. 2 year later, i go to college, and started to learn. now i'm going to join gameloft.
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