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  1. They are right, the web is a great distribution channel: it addresses virtually everyone and it has an "implied" networking model, developing for the web is the easiest way of developing almost anything IMHO. Performances can be a problem but there are ways to address and solve it (just remember someone successfully put a playable Quake IV inside Chrome through WebGL and completely JavaScript-based physics). The dilemma is: Would you take on this opportunity to learn something new (eg Android, HTML5,..) OR would you stick to what you know and focus on the game itself at first? [/quote] I would normally suggest to focus on the game itself, but learning to develop for the web is such a right investment that you should definitely do as soon as you can IMHO. In order to speed up development you should consider an engine, and I can suggest Canvace www.canvace.com (though shamelessly self-promoting ): it provides great support for 2.5D isometric games.
  2. Alberto La Rocca


    bump: we are designing the game levels and we are also working to improve performances: Canvace 0.2.4 will support requestAnimationFrame. If you wish to see the difference, compare the current version with the new experimental one. (one at a time, otherwise they will both suck as the situation is pretty critical ) other than introducing rAF support we reduced memory footprint and experimented some solutions to speed up our rendering algorithms. unfortunately rAF works really bad on mobile devices: I still have to test on iPhone, but the rAF version of the game works much worse than the setInterval version on iPad, which I guess is not exactly what rAF specification developers meant when they started specifying it, lol. in some cases iPad's Safari even crashed :|
  3. Alberto La Rocca


    as preannounced in Canvace's official discussion, the first game entirely based on Canvace is under development. its name is Ladybug. Canvace games are HTML5 games: Ladybug works on any HTML5-enabled device, although a minimum computing power is required, so it will be too slow on less equipped phones. Anyway it was successfully tested on iPhone 4 and iPad, where it runs very smoothly. Several screenshots follow: Incoming features: more playable levels, the current one is only a test spiders will move back and forth and will shoot web bullets I'd like to sincerely thank our graphic artists: Luca, Marina and Stefania. Without them, Ladybug would be a crap
  4. Alberto La Rocca

    Canvace Development Kit

    yes, it is! the output format of the development environment is a very intuitive JSON format we documented here: http://www.canvace.com/documentation/guides/canvace-output-format-guide i still have to update that guide to the 0.2.3 release, where there has been an addition (there's a new useful field in entity descriptors: the bounding box). thanks for the liking
  5. Alberto La Rocca

    Canvace Development Kit

    I think it's time to open a new dedicated topic for Ladybug, I'm gonna do it right now
  6. Alberto La Rocca

    Canvace Development Kit

    updates: the loading screen. comfortably implemented using Canvace. manual refresh still needed.
  7. Alberto La Rocca

    Canvace Development Kit

    one annoying problem of HTML5 browser games (and web applications in general) is that HTTP caching must be carefully crafted in order not to serve an old version or, even worse, the old version for some files and the new version for the rest, very likely since server pages are always served new while images are often cached. in the case of "Ladybug", Canvace's demo game, HTTP caching has not been crafted at all, lol. we'll find a remedy ASAP and, in the meantime, notify this topic every time there is an update (I swear this is not a trick to periodically bump the topic, lol, I really care about fixing the caching issue! ) today's update is that our ladybug now has a finite life and a gauge in the top left corner of the display. the ladybug actually gets hurt when it collides with the spider and shortly before that there is a weapon she should use to defeat it, but I haven't implemented shooting yet. stay tuned as usual
  8. Alberto La Rocca

    Canvace Development Kit

    update: today I've been working on making the demo game work on mobile platforms. so far, the only known issues are bad (sometimes horrifying) performances on older and slower devices and IE not receiving any input on Windows Phone (snort). if you want to try it, just visit the web page of the game with your mobile browser. stay tuned!
  9. Alberto La Rocca

    Canvace Development Kit

    Hi! I'm the other developer of the Canvace Platform I'd like to announce our latest release, version 0.2.2. There have been significant improvements in the API (physics is easier to manage and performances have been improved) and we fixed a couple of potential issues in the installer. We will now focus on completing the demo scroller game.
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