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    Thoughs on a game

    It definitely sounds interesting, I am a bit confused with the mod changing. Essentially you are going to be giving the player the options to make the game changes themselves, am I understanding this correctly?
  2. fightergear

    Medieval Zombies - An iOS platformer

    No too bad, it looks like a game you could get sucked into and I like the coin collecting concept. What can you use the coins for? Mainly weapon upgrades or do you offer any other options?
  3. fightergear

    Gobang Social, an iOS game by Kwalee

    What is the object of the game? I am not too much into Facebook/friends games but if the concept is good I will give it a go.
  4. fightergear


    Looks very cute, and I like the idea behind the game it's unique. Hope others feel the same way, can't wait to give a go. I take it that the slime's are bad and the other characters are your defense plushies, post up when it launches. Do you have a set release date yet?
  5. fightergear

    QuakeCon 2010

    Does anyone know the where and when for this year? My goal is to attend more events related to computer sciences this year so, just wondering.
  6. fightergear

    Looking for the name of an old game.

    The description reminds me of Space Invaders, I miss playing that game. I found Word Invaders, which is cool because it teaches you how to type at a fast pace as the levels increase.
  7. fightergear

    Whatchoo listenin' to?

    [media][/media] And more awesome bass lines, by one of the masters.
  8. fightergear

    FPS, Free Roam, Driving Game, Creative Ideas

    Are you still working on this project, it would be cool to hear what you may have came up with in regards to story line, I have been on a bit of a zombie trip lately (watching zombie movies, anime's, etc.) so if you have not already brainstormed any ideas maybe you can have it not so distant future story, where everything is hunky dory then you have a zombie outbreak and there are safe houses scattered around town and people that you have to rescue along the way and of course killing the zombies that want to eat your flesh. Something along those lines.
  9. fightergear

    My Game Project ( 2 games )

    What I would like to see is expansion upon these themes i.e. Warzone is in the future in of itself is not enough. For example: is it a post-apocalyptic theme? Is it a WWIII scenario? Have aliens invaded? Similarly I would also ask for expansion on "Blade of Immortal". [/quote] I am all for some alien invasion, I have not been gaming for sometime, I feel like the creativity is lacking in most games these days and most of them are so similar in a nature that it almost seems pointless to even play them, A breath of fresh air is needed, nothing over the top, just new and exciting.
  10. fightergear

    Aspiring Game Creator

    While learning is important it might not be in your best interest to be using outdated information, you could be learning something that is no longer supported on any platforms you are aspiring to create games for and have to start from scratch when you have just grasped a new language. I would look in to the programming language that Xbox supports/uses, which I think is C#. Also Microsoft release [color=#333333][font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif]XNA Game Studio Express suite, which is essentially a framework for programming their games, I do not really recommend relying too much on framework applications, they sort of take away from programming yourself, but for the sake of learning the structure it may be good to take a look at it.[/font]
  11. fightergear

    Floppy Entertainment has launched on kickstarter

    Looks interesting, but before I give it a shot can you offer some insight on what the game is about, objectives, and what not? Thanks!
  12. This is a very interesting subject study, I would love to see the results when it is completed.
  13. fightergear

    Start game programming

    For gaming it seems like Javascript is going to be the wave of the future and while HTML 5 really introduces cool new features with animation capabilities and interactivity, sometimes these things don't last (too early to tell right now), my suggestion is that if this is the first game you are developing do it in the programming languages that you are familiar but at the same time start learning what Javascript can offer in this area of programming and try to implement it where you can. Find a decent book that can help with some insight on Javascript and start playing around with the structure, you can find tons of examples online if you take the time to look around. Never limit yourself to what you already know because there really is a lot to learn.
  14. fightergear

    Expected Revenue

    This is a tough topic that, for some reason, comes up a lot. It's tough to say really because some companies may not take you without a degree but as it was before, if you have a great portfolio or something to show that you are capable of doing the work, then your good to go without a degree. Case in point, I went to college and realized that I was getting more in debt with each semester so I cut my losses with an Associates in Business Management, now I find out that people don't even consider this type of degree to be sufficient anymore that it's all about the Bachelors and the Associates are equivalent to a High School Diploma. My roommate did not go to college at all, actually he did not even get a high school diploma but a GED, and got A+ certified at some point years ago, he is right now working for a major company and before that he developed for the government, these aren't no name companies either. He is self taught and learned over the course of about 4ish years now (I think) the level he is programming at now makes college level look like a joke, especially when you pretty much waste the first two years with "core classes" and junk like that. Honestly if you truly know what you are doing I would look into contracting companies that hire you and contract you out to the big guys, there is a huge market for programmers right now (my roommate gets job offers frequently, the most recent being from As Seen on TV for 75,000 for six months) if you can find a contracting company to take a chance on you and you are able to handle the job or at least prove that you are able to handle the job, then your golden and each contract you complete, you learn more and can raise you asking price. He went from $30/hr when he first started and now his asking price for the next contract will be $65 and this is in the course of maybe two years that he started getting contract work for programming. Ultimately it is your decision and there is no guarantee that your story will be the same, but at least I can give you some food for thought on the matter, my Associates now is nothing but a 30,000 debt, which I barely make in a year.
  15. fightergear

    Modeling and coding

    Wow, these are some great descriptions. Very useful information on what goes on when implementing 3D files, glad I came across this. Thanks for sharing some insight.
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