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  1. How much C is enough to start programming games?

    Is SDL code for Windows the same as SDL code for Linux? I prefer to develop under Linux, but I understand that eventually I will be making games for Windows.
  2. Where can I learn C++

    There are two schools of thought here: The first is that you should grab a book and start reading. This may be monotonous and boring at times, but you get a ton of information and sometimes the author will mention corner cases that you wouldn't have thought of. The second school of thought is that you should just start programming and learn about the language as you go. Personally I think the best way to learn a language is a mix of the two. I recommend you check out that book [url=""]Accelerated C++[/url], it's not too boring because the learning curve is a lot greater than most intro books. I find that this usually holds my interested better. As you read through the book, break out your IDE and start hacking on whatever little ideas come to you. Too much reading and not enough programming never helped anyone. Similarly, too much programming and not enough reading will leave you with errors that you don't understand.
  3. I'm starting to learn C with plans to eventually start programming some games. I have background experience in Python and Java so I decided to go with K&R for learning purposes. I heard it's a great book and a better language introductory has never been written. This, in addition to providing a number of exercises, made K&R seem like a solid choice. How much C is enough to start programming games, though? Will finishing this book leave me with enough know-how to start working on something simple (say, a breakout clone)? Should I pick through a book on algorithms and data structures or, perhaps, a more advanced C book before moving on? [i]NOTE: Yes, I know C++ is more popular for game development. Yes, I'm well aware that Python and C# are easier languages to learn. Yes, I'm going to stick with C. Comments concerning the previous statements will be ignored. Cheers![/i]