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  1. hi _Silence_, Thanks The GL_DEPTH_TEST is disabled. I have tried glGetError(), and it always return GL_NO_ERROR.
  2. hi all, I have encountered a problem : I draw a mount of triangles using OpenGL ES 2.0. Triangles drawn at the back, seem show in frames, then disappear in next frames, and then show again. A friend told me that it’s because ParamBufferSize in powervr.ini is not enough. I googled parameter buffer, but still have no idea why this happens. Is this because of the small ParamBufferSize? Should I cut down the size of VBO? or DrawCall? Thanks,
  3. Hi there,   I'm drawing some 3d-buildings using OpenGL ES 2.0, and got this picture on some devices.   It seems something wrong with the depth test.   [attachment=24336:Untitled.png]   zoom in: [attachment=24337:QQ??20141024174822.png]     What could be the issue?   any idea?     Best Regards,
  4. Hi there,   I'm a newbie working on a project using Opengl ES 2.0 ,  I draw a polygon with one color, but when I take a screen shot, and zoom in, I find four color.   How can fix this?  or where the problem may lie?  surface ?  dithering ?
  5. Thanks Cromulent, your reply solved my issue.
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