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  1. OpenGL Texture unloading

    So what, if I want to delete texture from RAM after loading it with SOIL?
  2. OpenGL Texture unloading

    I need to delete texture data from memory. glDeleteTextures can do it?
  3. Hi all. I use SOIL with OpenGL. This is a sample from of code : [code] GLuint tex_2d = SOIL_load_OGL_texture ( "img.png", SOIL_LOAD_AUTO, SOIL_CREATE_NEW_ID, SOIL_FLAG_MIPMAPS | SOIL_FLAG_INVERT_Y | SOIL_FLAG_NTSC_SAFE_RGB | SOIL_FLAG_COMPRESS_TO_DXT ); [/code] How can I unload my texture from memory after using this code? [size=2]sorry for my bad english.[/size]