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  1. Hello. What would be the best way to handle such error of enqueue_kernel, let's say for sort algorithm? Loop until it returns success? One problem with this approach that parent kernels can grab all resources and hence loops will be infinite.
  2. _Flame_

    second glBufferStorage fails

    I have found the root cause. Looks like it's indeed GL_BUFFER_IMMUTABLE_STORAGE. Since a buffer created by glBufferStorage is immutable that it's not allowed to call glBufferStorage for it again. So it's necessary to delete a buffer, create it again by glGenBuffers, bind it and now we can call glBufferStorage!
  3. _Flame_

    second glBufferStorage fails

    Definitely not first case. What does second case mean?
  4. Hello. For some reason if I call glBufferStorage only once when everything works just fine. I want to recreate a buffer by calling glBufferStorage second time(and more) if its size is not enough but this second call generates GL_INVALID_OPERATION error. After that glMapBufferRange return nullptr and that's it. Has anyone had similar problem before? This is how I create/recreate buffer: const auto vertex_buffer_size = CYCLES * sizeof(Vertex) * VERTICES_PER_QUAD * m_total_text_length; GLint current_vertices_size; glGetBufferParameteriv(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, GL_BUFFER_SIZE, &current_vertices_size); if (vertex_buffer_size > current_vertices_size) { if (m_syncs[m_buffer_id] != 0) { glClientWaitSync(m_syncs[m_buffer_id], GL_SYNC_FLUSH_COMMANDS_BIT, -1); glDeleteSync(m_syncs[m_buffer_id]); } glUnmapBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER); GLuint error = glGetError(); glBufferStorage(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, vertex_buffer_size, 0, GL_MAP_WRITE_BIT | GL_MAP_PERSISTENT_BIT | GL_MAP_COHERENT_BIT); GLuint error2 = glGetError(); m_vertices = static_cast<Vertex*>(glMapBufferRange(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0, vertex_buffer_size, GL_MAP_WRITE_BIT | GL_MAP_PERSISTENT_BIT | GL_MAP_COHERENT_BIT)); m_buffer_id = 0; for (auto& sync : m_syncs) { glDeleteSync(sync); sync = 0; } }
  5. I have a box with dimensions = 1m:1:m:1m and mass = 1kg. Gravity acceleration is 9,8m/c^2. Also i have a "push" force in my scene which has newtons units. I expect that force value(basic force) should be 9,8 to compensate the gravity but it's very different number. Also it changes when i change parameter "scaling:units" in the PhysX tools. So i'm confused how to deal with it.
  6. _Flame_

    3DMax physx plugin import

    Ok, 3dmax saves it into *.max file. I forget it.
  7. _Flame_

    3DMax physx plugin import

    The key is "all time". And what if 3dmax crashes? Do you want me to do all work from scratch again? Very clever.
  8. _Flame_

    3DMax physx plugin import

    Hello. I'm wondering how to load physics settings in 3DMax. It's not convenient to hold 3DMax opened all time.
  9. Yes. :) It's a real problem. I don't understand what local and global groups are and how i should choose such values for the best performance. I've tried to set local group into different values but i've had an error.
  10. Sorry guys. But opencl is extemely slow comparing to cpu in my case. It's not possible to explain it through just memory bandwidth. Video card is gf 6800 with pcexpress 3.0. And it doesn't matter how much data i calculate cpu is faster anyway. I don't think that kernel runs on cpu since i've chosen CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU. Anyway emulation on cpu can't be slower in 5 times comparing to cpu. :) As i said before more complicated function makes difference only bigger. You can see code here - http://pastebin.com/M3kjrLtM
  11. Hello. Is there such list for developers and architects? I'm interested in general programming and microsoft technologies. Maybe someone could recommend a search engine for that? Unfortunately i can't find decent web resource. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi. I'm looking for an interesting conference which worth to visit and which is connected with programming. It may not to be about game industry. I work as a programmer in one company and i deal with C#, physx engine and graphics and i like these things. I'm thinking of siggraph but maybe you can suggest something else? Thanks.
  13. Hello. Can anyone help me? I have d6 joint and i use drive in it. As documantation says if you set value into drive then actors must awake. But sometimes it doesn't happen, actors are still sleeping. Only second or third time can awake them. It's really creepy. It seems to me that physx is bullshit but i'm compelled to use it. Physx 2.8.
  14. _Flame_


    Hello. I want that my joint rotates in one direction as long as i apply quite big force and in the opposite direction if i apply quite small one. I've created a d6 joint with twist is limited which has low and high limits. I've set rotation angles to zero and i've tried to set different springs for low and hight limits(for instance 1000 for low and 2 for high). It works but it is quite unstable. It's rotates a little itself whithout forces. And if i apply some force(for instance 50) to low direction then joint rotates on some angle. I've tried to increase iteration count for actors but it doesn't help. So is it possible to increase stability of that system? I need that my joint rotates in one direction as long as i appply quite big force(1000 or 2000) and doesn't rotate in that direction if i apply quite small(50, 100). Thanks.P.S. It's physx engine.
  15. Hi. I create a joint(D6) where only one direction is free and i move it with joint drive. It's working well except one problem. When i apply position value about 10 or 20 to the joint then all is ok. But then i apply about 50 then at first two actors go to their target position and then they go to a little back and then they start rotation around center of the joint. Do you know why it happens?
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