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    So people who live in warmer climates are dumber and have more kids?!

    [attachment=9504:map-importance-of-religion-by-country.png] [attachment=9499:ztx77iknqkk8tksbouojiw.png] [attachment=9500:385943_2601672115978_1481318528_n.jpg] [attachment=9501:600158_3524197458535_24355346_n.jpg] [attachment=9502:206052_3517537492040_1196939634_n.jpg] [attachment=9503:400124_2601671875972_325687615_n.jpg]
  2. I've been looking at various statistics and noticed something strange... [attachment=9495:Annual_Average_Temperature_Map2.png] [attachment=9496:BIRTH RATES.png] [attachment=9497:world_average_iq_2000.png] Any ideas why these maps are so similar?
  3. EnigmaticProgrammer

    How to know when you become an Elite Programmer

    I must be a real elite programmer...
  4. EnigmaticProgrammer

    Video game GUI?

    Yeah a relative position with a pixel offset would work for most situations. However, what if I want to insert widgets between other widgets or if I want to expand a widget? The problem with an html <div> is that it does not allow you to align to bottom. Once a horizontal row is filled it will stack things below that row. This is why gamedev and many other websites use a fixed horizontal width.
  5. EnigmaticProgrammer

    Video game GUI?

    I'm working on a game engine which really needs to be able to do anything. What it will be exactly used for is not clearly defined. CEGUI seemed like a good solution but it won't work with my project for various reasons.
  6. EnigmaticProgrammer

    Video game GUI?

    No, I'm trying to figure out how to position and align elements in a logical way. For example you would define the height and width of a div and then tell it to float left, right or centered. I never liked this design since it was limited to horizontal alignment. It also makes many things difficult to do.
  7. EnigmaticProgrammer

    Video game GUI?

    I'm trying to think of a GUI system that would be versatile enough to be used for any menu system a game would ever need. I was thinking of doing it similar to html <div> tags but I never really felt html was very logical. How can I position and align gui elements in the most logical way?
  8. EnigmaticProgrammer

    The Mixamo Auto-Rigger

    This is perfect! I really loved the auto-rigger but it was far too expensive to be worth it since with only a bit move effort I could rig my own models in blender. Now that it is free mixamo becomes a perfect all in one solution! Nice!
  9. EnigmaticProgrammer

    Open source code for a beginner

    I found this open source project a long time ago through these forums. Although, the developer has not been quite as active lately and the code is a bit of a mess, it has given me some insight into how to design my engine. Personally, It was easier for me to understand than the source code for id Tech 3.
  10. EnigmaticProgrammer

    Coding with one arm,can it be done effectively

    Perhaps a visual programming language where you link inputs and outputs from various functions with just a mouse. Other than that I see no way to make your programming more effective.
  11. EnigmaticProgrammer

    Life on mars, yes or no and why so?

    If there ever was life then there will be life now. Life will evolve for any climate where there is even the smallest chance of survival. The question is whether the prob can detect it or not.
  12. EnigmaticProgrammer

    A way to Delete my account? Please?

    Dude, no body remembers or cares. This is the internet for peat's sake!
  13. EnigmaticProgrammer

    It's the zombie apocalypse! No seriously!

    What does everyone else think of this? If the dude who had his face chewed off starts trying to bite the doctors then we have a serious problem...
  14. EnigmaticProgrammer

    Visual Studio 11 Express

    Well I actually like what they are doing to some extent. It would be awesome to write code for one platform and it work the same on everything. However, I think they are going about it all wrong. I would prefer the UI to be made of some type of modular building blocks that can be shifted around and these building blocks would default to a standard Windows UI on the PC versions but on a tablet they would default to a tablet layout. This way you would have the advantages of both worlds. What they are doing with this metro crap is forcing us to choose between tablet interface or desktop interface. There is no middle ground.
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