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  1. Hi. I've got something to avoid this compiler running while running from Visual Studio add this option ([b]_NO_DEBUG_HEAP=1[/b]) to your solution [url=""][/url]
  2. [quote name='Hyunkel' timestamp='1329076263' post='4912326'] [quote name='MJP' timestamp='1329075237' post='4912318'] I just tried compiling your shader with fxc.exe using /O3, and it compiles fine. Are you using cs_5_0? [/quote] It is working fine with fxc for me as well. The problem only occurs with D3DX11CompileFromFile(). I am using cs_5_0. [quote name='Jason Z' timestamp='1329075317' post='4912321'] I just found [url=""]this [/url]link - would you happen to be using the app verifier??? [/quote] This appear to be the exact same problem I'm experiencing. However, I am not knowingly using app verifier. It appears to be some sort of plugin for visual studio? If so I'm definitely not using it. [/quote] Hi. I've got exactly the same problem is there any known solution / workaround please ?