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  1. Write a story for this game concept

    I don't care how good other posters may be, this sounded so fun, I HAD to come out of lurking. Here it goes. That day, everyone lost something. Memories, names, body parts.... people. Sometimes, what was lost was replaced, flesh patched with shadows. Something is changing us. I don't know what I lost. I recognize my reflection. I can't see what it took, and that's what scares me the most. Those who were changed tear their throats trying to mimic that sound. I can't sleep anymore. I don't recognize the people I knew. I want to run. I never want to hear that sound again. I don't want to lose anything else. But if I leave, I'll never be whole again. Something happened that day, and I'm the only one left whole enough to find out what. I have to find the answer. Because no one is left to remember. (Was that ok? I hope it wasn't too vague. I noticed a lot of people playing with visuals more. Ah well, I had fun. )