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    There is still radioactive radiation in fukushima. Would you like a game that makes it your task to clean the area having to have an eye on your Geiger-Müller counter all the time to not get radiation poisoning. Not much unlike the stalker and fallout series but focused on repairing and recreating the forlorn power plant - like the nasa moon game that is on steam. People use robots to repair highly contaminated areas in Fukushima, this could be used in the game, too. Add to that a ghoulish sound track and eery sounds
  2. FeeSchwandt

    You have a PC? You have a Kinect? Read here!

    Although I'm not sure why the focus on point rendering. Is it an artistic thing?[/quote]I see two options: fully textured 3D shapes cut in half or black and white points in space. Yes it is an artistic thing. The goal is to randomly meet new people and hear other people chat in Dolby Surround or DD5.1. So being the ghost you move around and see some interesting conversation going on. Then you steer your character, which is a point cloud of yourself, over there and you can listen and participate in other people's talks. This would use the kinects abilities, the skeleton, the point cloud and the microphones. Maybe even without level design as this would distract from the characters but all white or all black and just the ghosts hovering around. Like a mixture of chatroulette and 2nd life. But with natural movement of natural characters. Also the software will not allow people to enter the virtual realm that do not present themselves in front of the kinect. So it's all but anonymous. People logging in to the system are being shown immediately, by slowly fading in. So as we all know what I picture, what are your thoughts regarding the idea? What do you like what do you not like? If you don't like me I can live with that as it is about the idea here, not me, not you, just the idea of a personalized meeting using the kinect. Only for those using the kinect on a computer. Also I do not want to do it on my own, there is a lot included - the network backbone - how to connect people to display the same on every computer. How to save bandwidth, for instance by only showing people in your direct surrounding and having a compass showing where others are and only being able to listen to those that are close to you. Also which engine to use. Browser based or software based? Java, C#, C++?
  3. FeeSchwandt

    You have a PC? You have a Kinect? Read here!

    I'm afraid I can not discern any intended meaning from the original post. It's written sort of like a sentence without a subject or a verb, only over several paragraphs.[/quote]English doesn't seem to be your first language. Are you suggesting the idea of using computer input and output technology to interact with others over a network? I'm not sure if that's been patented in the US yet, but if not you could probably use the idea to make a lot of money.[/quote]I am not here to make money.
  4. FeeSchwandt

    You have a PC? You have a Kinect? Read here!

    Hodgman, what DO you understand? What do you think I want to do?
  5. FeeSchwandt

    You have a PC? You have a Kinect? Read here!

    Yes. And it is not badly written it is new so you don't have the necessary pictures in your head. So I attached appropriate videos. Now we turn it around: What DO you understand? What do you think I want to do?
  6. What l like about this thread is that it does not limit itself to computers, but takes everything into account that could be humanly done. I am guilty of spending a lot of time in front of my computer. The reason for this is that I do not have a girlfriend, am not married, have no friends but a steady income. There is not much in the outside world that gives me so much joy as programming or other things that can be done on a computer. I know there is a very sad undertone in what I write but I make the best with what I want. I used to travel a lot cause I heard travelling was awesome. I found it to be boring and uninteresting, I visited all those places being called awesome and great(Dubai, New York, Sydney, ...), I walked around, visited all kinds of clubs talked to people but in fact in other countries it's no better than at home. Yes I compensate having no social contacts with a lot of electronics. But as I said I tried out "the other world". I did not find anything as fulfilling as sitting in front of my computer. Most humans are leechers, they want entertainment and are always ready to leave when it's more entertaining somewhere else. I find that to be sad. CGI like 3DSMax also has a programming language, called Maxscript, which is quite good.
  7. 504ab9, specify what you want to do. You don't want to do programming, does that mean you don't want to do something with computers? That you prefer manual work like a construction worker or a craftsman? Does it mean that you like computers but just not programming? Or just not programming games? I also think that a market being inundated with all kinds of underpriced goods is discouraging. Every niche that promises you to get rich quickly is likely to be awash with goods. This is internet marketing, creating apps and creating websites. Noone wants to be a construction worker as it contains risks and hard work, which is why there is a lot of money in it. I doubt that you have the body to be a construction worker in the first place, having been a programmer for so long.
  8. FeeSchwandt

    You have a PC? You have a Kinect? Read here!

    Main post updated.
  9. FeeSchwandt

    You have a PC? You have a Kinect? Read here!

    Hello? The kinect is one of the most selling gadget, a huge amount of people also connected it to the PC, 47 people watched this thread. But no reply. What is wrong with you?
  10. I want to hear your thoughts on this idea: You know the depthmap of the kinect. Points in space that represent what the kinect can see. Based on that is the skeleton and further processing. The kinect is able to separate the user from the background, so all you see is the user's depthmap. The idea is as follows: Combine the functionality of faast with the depthmap of the user. For instance a user moves his leg forwards and by doing that the whole point cloud moves forward. As the kinect sees only the part of the body being shown to it, it will create a half body out of points moving around. You can map on that the texture of the person using it but just the (dyed) points would create a more interesting atmosphere. Of course, you must not be afraid of being seen the way you are. This becomes very interesting when multiple people are moving around and see each other moving in 3D-Space - or better - see ghosts, as they are not walking but moving their leg forwards and are being cut in half - but if you stand behind another person, you see the silhuette from the back, the negative shape. If the user makes certain movements, you could surround the ghost with a halo or make it change color. Or if the user uses voice commands. You could do this in a huge virtual world, having virtual interaction. You yourself are always in first person perspective. I am writing this cause I have a bohemian approach to life: I do things and think later. Unfortunately using this approach most of my works render themselves useless once finished. So I need suitable feedback. What is not suitable is feedback like "I'd use it" and once it's finished "Nah I wasn't so serious". Just like this but without levels and color, just the points: [media][/media] Or picture this at 0:52 still walking around like the above: [media][/media] or just like this: [media]http://vimeo.com/17552930[/media]
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